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3 Critical Lessons from the Executive Suite for Your Biz

I mentioned in our latest business newsletter that I’ve been doing more executive coaching in the last couple of years.

Here are the things that have struck me when it comes to interacting with these folks.  I believe my takeaways will provide insight for the folks I write this letter for … small business owners … solopreneurs … service professionals.

First, the execs are really good at analysis … of the markets they deal with … the opportunities that exist … the risks they face … how well they’re performing, etc.

They’re also pretty self-aware and open to opportunities for professional development and personal growth.

Second, once they’ve done their due diligence and overall analysis regarding decisions they need to make, they make those decisions quickly and definitively. 

Third, and this is actually the most striking thing … when it comes to responding to a question, a request, or simply an email, they don’t let any moss grow. 

They tend to respond either immediately or very quickly, even during non-business hours … even if they’re in another country several time zones away.

It’s impressive.  And, I’ve noticed the higher up they are in the chain of command, the quicker they respond!  

Tells ya something.

These execs have an unbelievable amount of stuff on their plates, so the rest of us really have no room to claim we can’t be just as responsive.

Yes, these are generalizations and not everyone exhibits these behaviors, but most do, and it stands out as quite different from the norm for the general population.

I’d say the third behavior … getting back to people right away … really helps enhance the effectiveness of the first two, because it keeps the ball rolling.  There’s no lull in the process, which means they get the info they need to make decisions more expeditiously and move forward on initiatives, projects, etc. without delay.

And what’s the net result of these behaviors? 

Decisions get made.  Stuff gets done.  Time isn’t wasted.  The organization functions at higher efficiency, and there’s a palpable sense of energy and forward momentum.

Many of the small business owners I work with exhibit these same behaviors.

Certain others … not so much.

Guess which ones do better?

It’s obvious.  So, why wouldn’t someone in business for themselves choose not to behave like these successful executives?

It’s just a thought, and I might be off base, but I think a big part of it is that this kind of rigor isn’t demanded of them in the same way it is in an organization.

They’re their own boss.

And when you don’t have to answer to someone up the chain or your fellow team members, it’s easy to get a little loose with your follow up and slow to do your analysis and make decisions, which makes it hard to stay on top of things and really get your mojo workin’.

And some people just aren’t wired to behave in a way that gets them to assertively drive things forward with intention and purpose.

Doesn’t make them bad people.  Doesn’t mean they have some kind of character flaw.  It just means they have a different style.

There’s nothing wrong with that per se.

But there’s a truth here, and there’s no gettin’ around it.

If you want your business to really thrive, it really helps to behave like our executives … carefully analytical yet with a sense of urgency …  and always getting back quickly to the people they interact with.


Because it gets results.

Because it works.


Help Wanted in Hendersonville, NC

I’m looking for a part-time administrative assistant to work in my home office in Fletcher, NC.  Someone experienced on a Mac who has a strong attention to detail.

It’s perfect for a semi-retired professional, a mom who only wants to work part-time, or a gig worker … because it offers lots of flexibility,  independence, and a very competitive starting salary.

This is a casual work environment that’s often fast moving but fun … helping me make a difference in the lives of my clients and students. I can’t do it alone.

Could you do me a favor and forward this to your network … asking if they might know someone?  You’d be doing me a service and you may be helping someone else as well!

Anyone who’s interested or has questions can contact me directly at

Thanks for considering my request.  I appreciate it.




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