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A Million Dollar Life Coach Does This Every Day

What happens when your humble life coach attends a four-day immersion event with life coach extraordinaire, Tony Robbins?

Well, it was an emotionally intense experience.  I cried so much I rubbed my eyes raw.

AND … I got some great learnings and some valuable practices I want to incorporate into my daily routine.

I want to share one particular practice with you today.

As most of you know, on most days, I spend time with my gratitude journal, writing out the things I’m grateful for and why.  It’s a great way to start the day.

I want to share a twist on that practice that Tony gave us with his morning “priming exercise.”  It’s something he does first thing in the morning.

It gets you into a positive, energized physiological state, as well as a warm and wonderful mental/emotional/spiritual state … all in about 15 minutes.

I know even 15 minutes may seem like more than you can devote on a lot of days.  I get it, but as he says, “If you don’t have 15 minutes … you don’t have a life.”

You wanna know the very first thing he does in the morning?  A cold water plunge, as in ice cold!  The guy’s remarkable.  He’s disciplined.  He takes action, and he knows what produces positive results.

I know, for most of us, a morning cold water plunge sounds pretty extreme.  I actually turn my shower to the coldest water and stay in there for a full minute!  It’s invigorating!

So, just focus on spending a few days with the priming exercise, getting yourself in an excellent state to start the day, and see what it does for you.  Remember, if you don’t have 15 minutes, you don’t have a life!

I think you’ll really like it.

By the way, Tony charges a million dollars to coach people individually.  How can he do that?  Because he helps them get extraordinary results.  And he’s giving us this success and happiness secret for free.

Hmmm … might be worth diving into.  Trust me.  It’s as energizing and life affirming as a cold water plunge … without the shock and shivers.




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