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Are You Acting Like a Spoiled Child?

What are you saying in response to what you’re getting out of life? Thank you … or … That’s not quite good enough?

Let me illustrate what I’m talking about by examining a couple of real life situations:

A coach who’s been struggling to get clients for a few years is working with me to gain more visibility and momentum in her coaching.  She gets one of her first speaking gigs, which could catapult her business to an entirely new level, and her comment to me is, “They’re ONLY paying me $800.00.”

A client who’s just secured a deal that will allow her the freedom and flexibility to market herself much more widely says to me, “Well, it sure took them long enough!”

Wait.  You’ve just been given a gift from God and you say it wasn’t good enough!  What kind of message does that send? Where does it cast you emotionally? Ho hum … when you should be on top of the world.

And how does your response impact the possibility of future gifts coming your way?

I spend most of my time now as a business coach and marketing strategist, but I started out in my coaching career as a life coach and life counselor. And I always tell people … and myself … Be grateful for what you have now and whatever you get in your life and business.


Because being grateful puts you in a great state of being … mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and even physically.

When you’re grateful, you aren’t worried. You aren’t stressed. You aren’t thinking about what isn’t working or what you lack … or how you’ve been shortchanged.

You’re tapped into what IS working and what you DO have. And that just feels good.

That’s reason enough, but if like truly attracts like, and I believe with all my heart that it does, you’ll attract more of what you’re grateful for.

On the flip side, concentrate on what you lack in life and you’ll likely experience continued frustration in those areas.

I believe that’s the way the Universe works.

Think about it in personal terms. Who gets more of what she wants, the grateful child who loves the gift you give her … who expresses her appreciation … or the petulant kid who whines about what she didn’t get and never says, “Thank you”?

Nobody likes an ungrateful child, the Universe included.

Look, I get it. When things don’t turn out in life the way you hoped or expected, you’re gonna be disappointed, even if your expectations were set unrealistically high.

That’s just human nature.

But when we get disappointed, and allow ourselves to stay there for any length of time, it pulls us away from a state of gratitude and well-being.

Of course, good can come from focusing on what you wish were different. But only if it inspires you to get in a zone of possibility and do something about it … not if you just stress about it and complain, which is so easy to do.

Not if it keeps you from being grateful.

Is it always easy to give up the disappointment and get to grateful? Nope. But there’s always a payoff to be had from making that transition.

“$800. Fantastic. And I’m just getting started!”

Now, doesn’t that sound better?

Much better.



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