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Avoid These Two Dirty Words and Make More Sales

I’ve been a full-time business coach and life coach for 18 years now and I get to see some of the biggest mistakes people make in their sales and marketing efforts.

Here’s something that’s been bugging me lately … the common use of two “dirty” words in marketing.  I’ve had several clients use them with me recently, which motivated me to go on a bit of a rant here.

Please note, I’m not talking about just avoiding these words in your speaking.  The use of these words does nothing less than reveal how you conceive of the sales interaction!  

If you’re using them, I’d like to see you engage in a mindset change where you completely transform how you conceive of sales.  It’ll greatly enhance the results you produce.

So what do you think the dirty words are?  Take a guess!

The first one really bugs me.


I hear this one all the time … my elevator pitch … my sales pitch … how can I make my pitch more effective?

Well, here’s the problem.  If your marketing efforts are all about what you can “pitch” to someone, you’re missing the boat!  There’s precious little genuine connection to be made when you’re busy “pitching” your services.

What folks don’t realize is their use of the word, “pitch” tells me a lot about how they market and sell themselves and where they’d benefit from changing their approach.

The second dirty word …


People want me to help them with their sales scripts or complimentary consultation scripts.

But, here’s the problem.  If you’re busy plowing through your “script,” … then you’re not in the moment and not truly listening.

I can give you outlines and approaches … but scripts imply you have very specific words you need to rely on to make a case for your services and button up the deal, which, again, gives me a big peek into your mindset toward sales.

That is so old school … so based in figuring out a way to break down resistance and overcome objections.

There’s a better way to approach sales.

Come from service.

Give prospects a complimentary consultation with you where you listen deeply to what’s going on with them … what they want … what’s been getting in their way … and what they need help with.

You listen.

When you’re really hearing what they have to say … when you’re being quiet and listening vs. loading up the next thing you want to say … it allows you to be there for them and serve them in the moment.  You automatically ask great questions.  Your caring … your “beingness” … speaks volumes.

No script needed.

And when you do that, they’ll often see they could get real benefits from working with you on a consistent, ongoing basis.

No persuasion needed.

Look, I get that people often use these words and the old sales model quite innocently, by default, without even really thinking about it, because that’s how everyone’s been taught to “make the sale.”

So, I’m not being critical.  But, working from a script is a lot like what happens with the brand new coach who’s learned the importance of powerful questions.  They have their list and they’re gonna ask them. Just pick from the list!

I get why they do it.  There are positive intentions behind it, but it’s mechanical and impersonal.  The same goes for scripts.

The bottom line:  I think I know what gets results long term and what doesn’t.  And I definitely know what feels creepy and what feels good.

Trying to “work” a prospect feels creepy.

Listening to them and serving them feels good … even when that means pointing them in another direction for the help they need.

Because “winning” at sales is always and forever about helping clients get what they need.

Best Wishes,



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