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Manage Your Calendar in a Whole New Way!

Years ago, I took a lesson from my chiropractor about how to manage … or should I say not “over-manage” … my calendar.  And it’s something I wanted to pass along to you, even if it might not seem to be very conventional business coaching.

She calls her calendar, God’s Appointment Book.  They might be her appointments, but the Universe is in charge of working out the details.

She takes a relaxed attitude, based on trust, that everything’ll work out the way it needs to.

And it does!  I’ve seen it time and time again over the years.

And so, I adopted this approach myself … which fits in very well with my core belief that “everything always works out for me.”

It works… often in a way that seems almost magical.

When clients have to reschedule their calls or, on the rare occasion they don’t show up, I think there must be something else I’m supposed to be doing.  I accept it and move on, open to seeing what different activities my day has in store for me.

When I’ve scheduled too many clients in a day, one invariably cancels … often in the very time slot where I really need the time to take care of something else.

The speaking engagements that get booked on my calendar are the ones that are supposed to show up.  We don’t push or try to force anything.  A group has to be excited and inspired to have me speak to them.  If they are, the booking is easy.  If the booking is hard, we let ‘em go!

So, how does this all happen so perfectly?

It comes down to one word.  Trust.

I trust that the Universe has my back.  I trust that the Universe knows my mission in life and fully supports it.  I trust it’ll all be OK.  And so, it IS okay.

Of course, while the approach has proven itself so admirably in the area of scheduling, it’s not just about trusting things’ll work out around your calendar.  It extends to trusting that your flow of clients in and out will be what it needs to be.

When I go on vacation for 2 weeks at a time, I watch my clients take a month off of coaching or maybe even complete.  And when I get home, new people are requesting my services or past clients return!

When clients complete, I don’t get triggered by “losing a client,” because I know God’s got someone in the wings.

Contrast that to the mindset and behavior of someone who’s worried and fearful about growing her practice.

Not that the worry and fear is abnormal.  We all experience it to one degree or another.  In our first few years of business, we want, sometimes desperately, to attract clients and customers.  And sometimes, in the process, we simply try too hard!

I’m all about taking strategic, targeted marketing actions.  It’s what I teach every day as a business coach.

And yet, what if we could just relax into it a little bit more and try to control things a little less?

I want to tell you a quick story about one of my clients who didn’t believe any of that Law of Attraction “mumbo jumbo” stuff!  She was adamant that our thoughts did not create our reality!  But, for some apparent reason, she latched onto the idea of seeing her appointment book full of clients and appointments.

So, every night she sat in her favorite chair and just imagined her appointment book filling up!  And, it did!

Here’s her testimonial on my website:   

“For five years, growth was very slow and very disappointing. WHEN I STARTED WORKING WITH DENISE, I INCREASED MY PATIENT LOAD BY 100% IN LESS THAN SIX MONTHS.”

She didn’t believe in the Law of Attraction.  She didn’t think her mindset would help, and yet, her business grew by 100% … just by visualizing it!

What do you think?  Could you do it too?  If you’re currently heavily into trying to control outcomes, could you relax just a little bit?  Could you trust it’ll all work out and visualize it all being okay … even perfect?

Can you let the Universe take over the management of getting you what you want and need when you need it?

Life and business are a whole lot easier and more fun when you do.

Best Wishes,



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