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Just One Change = A Big Payoff


It’s that time of year when people are crafting their resolutions for the New Year.  We’re encouraged to write down our intentions … our vision … our goals for the coming year.  I already have six newsletters in my email box prompting me to do just that.  As a life and business coach, I work with clients everyday on their goals, intentions, and vision.  And yet, when I look at those newsletters telling me what to do and how to do it, it just makes me tired!

How about you?  Will you actually take the time to write down your goals and intentions?  Some of you will.  It fits your style and personality.

But many of you won’t.  You’ll tuck it away as a good idea, but never take the time to sit down and write it all out!

What if I could make it easy for you?  What if I could give you an exercise that’s valuable … one that’ll bring you results in the coming year … but only takes 5 – 10 minutes of your time?

Are you willing to dedicate 5 – 10 minutes to you and your business to set the tone and direction for an amazing 2019?

Okay then, let’s hop to it!

We’re going to conduct a quick, down-and-dirty assessment of your business and your performance to date.  No deep thought required, because my sense is you already know where you need to improve.


Maybe your intuition is whispering to you.  Or you’ve gotten feedback from trusted friends and colleagues that you know is right on the money.

Again, it’s so simple.

Write down three things you could concentrate on in 2019 that would make a significant difference in your business.  Look bigger than a simple action you may take such as, update my website.  Look for things that could make an exponential difference or a significant step-change.

Then, pick ONE.  Yes, only one.  Remember, we want to make this easy and doable for you.

Now, post your reminders all over the place … on your desk, your bathroom mirror, in your car.  Without consistent reminders, this intention will fade away before you know it.  I want this to be REAL for you.

Here’s mine.

Recently, I was given a very simple distinction that packed a huge punch!  It’s the distinction of being satisfied with my life right now in the moment.

Where am I being satisfied with my life and where am I not? 

Am I satisfied with my home, my partner, this action I’m taking in my business? 

Or am I walking around with a low-grade dissatisfaction about things that could be or should be different or better somehow?

When I simply began to notice where I was on the satisfaction / dissatisfaction continuum, I began to see how I often walk around with a low-level of dissatisfaction about stuff without realizing it!  The curtain was pulled back, and it was eye-opening!

So, my singular intention for 2019 is to notice my level of satisfaction at a minimum of three intervals throughout my day.  When I’m satisfied, I’ll pump it up!  And when I notice myself being a bit too much like Eeyore from Winnie The Pooh, I’ll take an action to change it in the moment.

And, here’s the nice surprise.  Oftentimes, noticing is the only thing I need to do to create a change in attitude.

So, let’s keep this simple … and effective.  I know you have 5 minutes!

Sit down right now … and do it!

Make one meaningful and delightfully positive change happen … starting today.

Best Wishes,


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