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Do You Want to Make a Truly Lasting Impression?

As a business coach who focuses primarily on marketing, I help service providers create a positive impression of themselves and what they can provide for folks as they reach out to people in their target markets. 

But it’s important to understand that when you “reach out and touch” folks in your target market, those touches can be superficial and fleeting or they can be more profoundly affecting and enduring. 

There are lots of ways to create a positive impression, but only some create a lasting impression.  Others create a flash in the pan that vanishes like a wispy cloud on a windy day … like a social media post or an email blast.

Nothing wrong with those.  They just don’t typically resonate beyond the moment.  Why is that important? 

Well, first of all, there’s the depth of the connection.  But there’s more.  What if you get the chance to introduce yourself to folks in your target market and they either don’t need you at the moment or they aren’t quite ready to move forward at that time for whatever reason? 

If the impression you create isn’t strong and lasting, they aren’t gonna remember you when they do need you and are ready.

So, guess which encounters create more deeply affecting, longer lasting impressions? 

A Tale of Two Providers & Who Won Our Business

This is a tale of two providers.  One got the business.  The other didn’t.  And you won’t need a business coach to tell you why.

We went away for 10 days at the end of June and had to board our new puppy overnight, as the timeshare property we go to doesn’t allow dogs.

As new “parents,” we were understandably concerned about his having to be away from us for the first time and how he’d fare.  So, I had a lot of questions for the potential service providers.

After much research, I contacted four businesses.  Two never returned my calls.  Hmmm.  Makes ya wonder what’s goin’ on there.

With the two I reached, the experiences on the phone couldn’t have been more different.

What’s Missing that Could Bring You Joy & Satisfaction?

Because I’m a life coach and business coach who’s been practicing for 20 years and I’ve learned a few things, people sometimes make the mistake of assuming I have it all together.  Uh … no.  I struggle with the very same things everybody does.

And there’s a very personal challenge I’ve been dealing with for over two years I want to share with you, because I’ve discovered some amazing life lessons as a result that could be helpful for you.

We’ve all had challenges with the pandemic … some health-related … others personal or financial.  We’ve all heard stories of people feeling isolated, experiencing rifts in their families, etc.  And I’m sad to say my family has been impacted by “philosophical” differences.

Bottom line?  I haven’t seen my family in over two years. 

3 Things Stakeholders Really Want from You

Sometimes business coaching leads us to focus on some very simple things.  So simple, in fact, that we might forget sometimes just how important they really are … like going the extra mile to make sure you’re treating people really well. 

Who would those “people” be?  Anyone you interact with … your clients, customers, employees, independent contractors, vendors, alliance partners … in other words, your “stakeholders.”

Case in point …

Experts say you shouldn’t do this. Here’s why you shouldn’t listen!

“They tell us not to give away too much.  Honey, you just gave away the farm.”  That’s a verbatim quote from a woman who’d just heard my talk on marketing to a group in Minnesota a few years back.  Guilty as charged!   As a business coach, I was doing exactly what many business experts warned them NOT to do. 

Here’s How to Make It Easy to Do Business with You

I’ve been working with business owners for 20 years, helping them streamline their processes and procedures, so they bring in more clients and continue to serve existing ones to the best of their ability. It’s my job as a business coach to see the things my clients may not be seeing.

And what I’m seeing quite often is entrepreneurs who aren’t making it easy to hire them … or not as easy as it could be. They unwittingly put up barriers or roadblocks.

Let’s look at what some of those might be.

The #1 Secret of a Top CEO

I’m a business coach, so when a highly successful CEO tells me the biggest lesson he’s learned as a leader, I’m tuned in and listening. 

And maybe it’s just serendipity … or maybe it’s the Universe sending me a message I need to hear … but it’s a theme that’s been smacking me upside the head multiple times in the last couple of months. 

A Critical Move for Your Success this Year

It’s a New Year.  Great, but … so what?   New beginnings … resolutions … yada yada yada.  I promise this letter isn’t more of that.

It’s about cutting loose the albatross around your neck.  And the start of a new year is a great time to unload that baggage.

Let me tell you a short story that highlights the point I want to make.

Does Your Business Need a Miracle?

Let me tell you about the first most important step you need to take as you’re starting your business … and every year thereafter. In nearly 20 years as a business coach, it’s the step I see most of my business owners wanting to skip!

But first, I want to tell you a quick story that illustrates why you don’t want to omit this step! Bear with me …