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Don’t make this critical mistake. You’ll regret it in the fall.

To everything there is a season … and a time to every purpose under heaven.

It’s funny, we all know this bible verse from Ecclesiastes, because of a pop song.  But I’m thinking of it now in the heat of July, because it definitely relates to your business.

It’s summer … time to take some time off and have some fun, right?

Absolutely … but for how long?  That’s the question.  I see clients who really hurt themselves by really throttling back in the summer for an extended period of time.

Successful Business Owners Radiate This Quality. Do You?

I recently had the honor of speaking to the Greater DC chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners … or NAWBO … and I came away with a heightened appreciation for a critical success factor in business.

It’s one I’d always given a lot of weight to, but hadn’t talked about much, at least not exactly in the way I want to in this newsletter.

A Small Adjustment That’ll Save You Time & Boost Results

It’s so easy to think in either/or terms … black and white.  But sometimes there are ways to get a little creative and find a way forward that splits the difference.  What am I talking about?  Something this longtime business coach has recently figured out for herself.

I often hear service-based business owners say they don’t offer prospective clients a complimentary consultation.  “I’m not going to give away my services for free!”  

I get that.

And, I’d like to give both newer professionals and seasoned professionals some perspective on this.  This applies to you whether you’re a coach or any other service-based professional who’s selling the results and benefits of your service.  (It’s not so focused on those of you who are product-based.)

The 7 Critical Questions Every Business Owner Needs to Ask

Who? … What? … Why? … When? … How? … How much?  Where? …As a business coach, I ask clients these questions all the time.

Of course, the exact nature of the questions changes somewhat depending on whether someone is just starting a business or they’ve been at it a while.

Let’s break it down.

How to Give Back AND Be Profitable in Business

You’re a nice person who wants to help people and you’re a business owner, who needs to make a living.  You’re a businessperson who needs to make a living and a nice person who wants to help people.  I just repeated myself!  Why?  Because I’ve learned, as a business coach, a lot of how well you do with your business depends on what comes first in that sequence.

Here’s the practical takeaway, and then I’ll elaborate.

Two Essential Secrets of a Master of Business

I have two profound messages for you in this newsletter.  Let’s go with the second most important message first.  It’s a simple message.  I tell it to business owners all the time.  Invest in your own personal development.   And, as a life and business coach, I need to walk the talk.  That means I have to invest in my own personal development.

So, when I got the offer to attend a Tony Robbins online seminar, I enrolled.  The investment required?  Roughly 12 hours of my time.  The event itself was free.

Was it worth it?  Oh yeah, very much so.  It delivered way more than I expected.

There was a wealth of useful guidance, of course, but a great deal of the value came from watching a master at work …  witnessing an extraordinary human being giving everything he had.

Tony Robbins exemplifies two things that are critical to the success of a business, especially a service-based business.

This 4 Step Change Model Will Rock Your World

Simple is good.  Simple and powerful is even better.  As a business coach, I look for the simplest possible ways to help clients implement the kinds of changes / improvements they want to make.

Well, there’s an extremely simple, highly systematic way of analyzing where you are and what you can do to improve your operations that’ll blow the doors off your performance.

It’s a simple 4 step change management model I first introduced to you back in 2021.  I think it’s so impactful it bears repeating.

Two Words that Warm Your Clients’ Hearts

“Thank you.”  It’s not that hard is that to say.  But it seems as if folks have forgotten some basic common courtesies.  I’ve noticed in my personal life and my business coaching that people just don’t routinely say thank you anymore the way they used to.  And only a few go out of their way to express genuine gratitude for those serve them and do nice things for them.

Why is that?  After all, it’s pretty easy to type a two-word email or text message.  And yet, while plenty of people still say please and thank you like they learned in kindergarten, too many folks just don’t.

And even fewer write a personal note … you know, an actual handwritten note … to say, thank you … I’m thinking about you and appreciating who you are in my life.

I blame the advent of electronics for that.  Pen and paper, envelopes, stamps … that’s all way too involved.

Now, this relates to business owners in a very specific way. 

How to Skew the Odds of Success Wildly in Your Favor

Woody Allen famously said, “Eighty percent of success is showing up.” I think he’s right.  At least that’s what my experience as a business coach tells me.

The quote pretty much speaks for itself.  But let’s get a little more granular.

What does it mean exactly to “show up” in the context of running a business?

Off the top of my head, I’ve come up with five distinct, yet related, ways in which you show up as a business owner.