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“I Love You More Than Coffee.”

Let me explain with a personal story of struggle … one that may help you with some difficult things you’re dealing with.

As many of you know, two years ago, we adopted the cutest, sweetest puppy.  He’s filled our lives with laughter and delight.

He was supposed to be hypoallergenic.

Not so.

The Two Things You Need to Be at Your Very Best

Order?  Whaddya mean order?   A place for everything and everything in its place?  Yeah.  I like order.  But what is this desire for order … a life value or something else?  As a life coach and former counselor with a BA in Psychology and a Master’s in Counseling, I’ve taken a variety of different personality and behavioral assessments over the years.

The TruValues Program developed by Coach U helped me identify my top four values … connection, contribution, beauty, and to inspire.

How to Instantly Feel Better When You’re Worried or Anxious

It’s easy to let stuff bother you to the point where you find yourself slipping into a negative emotional state … and sometimes staying there.  As someone who coaches people around important issues in their lives and businesses, I can’t afford to be in anything but a positive mental and emotional state when I talk with folks.

But, phew!  Some days, things that aren’t going so well in my life can keep me awake at night and start me out on the wrong foot in the morning.  Maybe I was sick or dealing with allergic reactions to my supposedly hypo-allergenic puppy … or maybe there’s an important relationship that’s gone south and I’m bothered … or there are trends I see in the world that worry me.  I have to get past all that and focus on the possible … the uplifting … the inspirational … the positive.

The other day, something dropped into my email inbox first thing in the morning that instantly got me to the place I needed to be, and not just for that day, but for every day since.  It came from Abraham-Hicks, whom many of you I’m sure are familiar with, and if you’re not you should check out their website.

That Bus Ain’t Gonna Get You There

As many of you know, we have a lovely condo in Mexico … my happy place … that we get to enjoy for several months out of the year.  We’re here now, and I want to share a brief story of an experience we had recently that epitomizes the spirit of the holidays.

This Is the Fabric of Everything in Your World

“The fabric of everything is not love.  It’s beauty. 
And the experience of seeing beauty is love.”

This rather profound quote comes to us from an interview with Dr. Zach Bush, who many of you know as a triple board-certified physician and modern day wise man.

I was really struck by that line … that thought.  But what does it mean for us in practical terms?  How can an appreciation of this relationship between what is beautiful in our world … and love … make a difference in our daily lives?

How You Can Be Satisfied and Still Achieve More

Is it good to be satisfied with where you are … or dissatisfied?  Is it good to be happy with the outcomes you’ve achieved or would it be better to always be wanting more?  These are questions that come up all the time in both my life and business coaching.

Trick questions?  Well, yeah, kinda, because there’s no definitive yes or no answer for every person in every situation.

BUT  … there are some important insights we can glean from examining these questions and seeing where people get wrapped around the axle, making themselves miserable by answering them in an unhelpful way.

How My Feel-Good Story Benefits You

It’s my job as a life coach … and a human being … to manage what’s going on inside me … to manage how I’m feeling.  A large part of that involves sitting with and ultimately transforming any negative feelings and inner dialogue I’ve conjured up into something more positive … the very best I can.  

Some people do this really well.  They’re generally optimistic and naturally don’t have to work that hard to see the brighter side of life.  Others don’t do this work at all … or do very little of it … and you can tell by what it’s like to be around them!

I do this fairly well, because I’m consistent.  But I didn’t come out of the womb a generally happy, optimistic person.  I’ve chosen to work at it.  We’ve talked about many of the tools I use in these newsletters over the years … writing a gratitude list, refreshing my mind and body with a midday meditation, doing EFT (tapping) when something’s really bothering me, etc.

Today, I want to share a story … and a tool that’s very easy to use and brings such a positive punch to your life!

3 Easy Ways to Change the Results You Get

There are times when we’re in physical, mental/emotional, and behavioral states that aren’t doing us any good or, at the very least, are suboptimal.  As a life coach, a big part of my job is helping people improve their physical and emotional state and behave more advantageously, so they can be happier, more productive, and simply get more of what they want out of life.

That process involves change.  And change doesn’t come about without two things … a recognition that change is needed and the willingness to actually do what’s necessary to effect it.

How Happy Are You? The Way to Tell.

In life, there are things you simply HAVE to do.  And they take away from the things you GET to do.  So, what’s your HAVE TO / GET TO ratio?  As a life coach, I’m always encouraging clients, audience members, and readers to do more of the things that bring them joy and satisfaction … and to structure their lives so they’re able to do more of the things they really like doing.

I’ll often ask something like, “What would you like to do that would make you really happy and energized?