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Why Do Your Prospects Choose You?

Have you ever wondered why one service provider gets chosen over another? Why did they pick that coach or consultant instead of you? The first thing I’ll tell you, as a business coach, is it’s not always about price.

Intangibles play a much bigger role than you might imagine.

And I want to give you one simple insight that can mean everything for your business, allowing you to attract more clients and make more money!

When You Ignore Client Danger Signals

I knew better. My intuition was saying, “Don’t go there.”

But, I wanted so badly to help … to be of service … and I let my heart override my gut.

Just last month, I have this likeable prospective client come to me wanting to build his fairly new consulting business. He wants to do it via the strategy of speaking. That’s my specialty, so he seemed heaven sent.

Tired of Not Knowing How to Sell? Part II

The 4 A’s Transform the Sales Process

You want to know what the biggest difference is when it comes to being a service-oriented facilitator vs. a “salesperson?”

I’ll give you a hint: It starts with an A. That’s because we’re into Part 2 of revealing the key practices that transform the sales experience … the 4 A’s.

We talked about the first two, Ask for Permission and Acknowledge in Part I. Ready for the next two? Drumroll please.

Tired of Not Knowing How to Sell? Part I

The 4 A’s Transform the Sales Process 

The bitter truth?

You can be excellent at what you do, and if you aren’t adept at sales and marketing, you’re left with the equivalent of a lot of unsold inventory. Your time and talents are going to waste, sitting on the shelf. You’re not making the kind of living you should, and the people who need you aren’t being served.

That’s downright tragic.

To be successful, you need to possess two distinct skills beyond your professional qualifications … the ability to market … and sell.