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Do You Need More Happy?

You know what I’ll do if I’m feeling crabby in the morning? I’ll put on the Pharrell Williams’ song, Happy. Everybody knows it. It’s a great song and it makes me feel good … like a room without a roof!

Why? Why would I do that? I’m incredibly busy and my plate is almost always overflowing. Do I actually have plenty of time to listen to music and dance around in the morning? Not really.

But it makes me happy … and that’s important … so I make time.

Here’s what got me thinking about all this. I was reading one of the daily quotes from Abraham-Hicks, and it kinda smacked me up side the head.

Do happy first and then fit in anything else you can around it.

There’s nothing more important than feeling good … thinking and doing those things that make you happy … that you like doing … that put you in a positive state of being.

And yet, here’s the rub. We all have a long list of important things to do, and a lot of them aren’t all that much fun.

I don’t know about you, but I very easily default to doing what I have to do and what I should do vs. what makes me happy. Feeling good gets crowded out. There’s no time for it. There’s no space for it.

How sad is that?

You know what the problem is? Our definition of what’s important. We don’t see feeling good and being happy as our most important job in life. But it is.

Think of the Steven Covey exercise where he teaches you that when you have too much stuff to put in your “bucket,” you have to put the most important stuff in first and then fit in the rest the best you can.

It’s a great exercise for clarifying your priorities and helping you schedule your time wisely. But how many of us would make “feeling good” or “being happy” the first thing we’d put in the bucket? Precious few. Would you?

But that’s where everything else that’s good in your life springs from? Start from a place of feeling good and your life simply works better. It’s why I make it a point to do something I really enjoy doing every day.

Okay … so … can you take just 2:26 to get happy right now? Are you worth it?

I hope so, because this is something I’ve been watching lately just to make me happy!

Ollie … he’s adorable and quite the dancer. Just don’t ask his partner’s opinion.



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