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Do You Want to Make a Truly Lasting Impression?


As a business coach who focuses primarily on marketing, I help service providers create a positive impression of themselves and what they can provide for folks as they reach out to people in their target markets.

But it’s important to understand that when you “reach out and touch” folks in your target market, those touches can be superficial and fleeting or they can be more profoundly affecting and enduring.

There are lots of ways to create a positive impression, but only some create a lasting impression.  Others create a flash in the pan that vanishes like a wispy cloud on a windy day … like a social media post or an email blast.

Nothing wrong with those.  They just don’t typically resonate beyond the moment.  Why is that important?

Well, first of all, there’s the depth of the connection.  But there’s more.  What if you get the chance to introduce yourself to folks in your target market and they either don’t need you at the moment or they aren’t quite ready to move forward at that time for whatever reason?

If the impression you create isn’t strong and lasting, they aren’t gonna remember you when they do need you and are ready.

So, guess which encounters create more deeply affecting, longer lasting impressions?

The personal ones … whether that comes in the form of face-to-face contact, a live presentation, or even an interview, podcast, or online event, although these latter three are once removed from being truly “personal” … and the results prove it.  They aren’t as good.

I built and maintained my coaching and consulting practice by speaking to existing groups of people in my target market.  They get an up-close-and-personal experience of me.

It’s worked.  And I know I’ve been able to create lasting impressions.  How do I know that exactly?  Because I keep hearing from people years after a presentation, who have remembered me and kept me in mind.

In July, I received this …

“I’m sure you meet more people than you can remember, so you may or may not remember me. I’ve continued to enjoy your newsletter with your personal insights that have reminded me of my growth and lessons learned along the journey of life. After attending various meetings, workshops, and events, I’ve always remembered being attracted to your authentic nature when I heard you speak many moons ago in Sarasota.

At this time, I feel like a real pro (you) might be able to help me by assembling my business ideas, creating a plan for execution that would get me off the ground, as well as bringing what I don’t know to my attention. I would love an opportunity to schedule a consultation next week.”

 ~ Jamie Wagener, Author
Lemonade, Pickles & Worms; The Many Faces of Transition

I spoke to this group in May of 2011.

And then, a week ago …

“I was in the divorce coach certification in 2020 and you spoke to our class via zoom. I am a divorce lawyer in Edmonton and am on the Education Committee of our Collaborative Association (lawyers, financial, and mental health experts).  We are looking into ways to help train our group in sales and marketing. I was specifically interested in your signature series of “Selling Without Hype or Manipulation” and wondering about cost, timing, and whether you offer this type of talk via zoom.  Thanks in advance.” 

~ Kim McBain Butz

And, then yesterday, another request for a complimentary consultation came in.  She noted when she’d heard me speak.

“Denise presented at a couple of ICF Tampa meetings while I was living in FL 2015 -2017.”

~ Barbara Boers, CPC

(Names used with permission)

This is the power of speaking to produce not only a positive impression, but a lasting one as well.

So, when you’re brainstorming about how best to reach out to folks, just remember that speaking is, by far, the best way to attract clients … both in the near term and years into the future.

Nothing connects like being there … in person, or, when that’s not practical, electronically.

And that personal connection is what people crave these days … now more than ever.

Best Wishes,


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