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Does Your Business Need a Miracle?

Beautiful port in Mexico taken by a business coachLet me tell you about the first most important step you need to take as you’re starting your business … and every year thereafter.  In nearly 20 years as a business coach, it’s the step I see most of my business owners wanting to skip!

But first, I want to tell you a quick story that illustrates why you don’t want to omit this step!  Bear with me …

I’m walking with my husband, Tom, around the marina in our beautiful little town in Mexico when a big, burly guy jumps out of his seat at a nearby restaurant and envelops me in a big bear hug!

I’m happy to see him and exclaim, “Five years ago I never would have imagined hugging you, of all people!”

He laughs and says, “Yeah, me neither!”  We sit down with him and his wife and have a very pleasant conversation.

Who is this person exactly?  And why is it meaningful to you and your business?

Back to my story.  Five and a half years ago when we purchased our tropical getaway, we had no idea we had bought into an eleven unit building steeped in conflict.  Trust me.  You don’t need the details, just that there were HOA issues, and let’s just say that no one was exactly “neighborly.”  Before we knew it, we were having to deal with some very thorny issues and difficult personalities.

And, at the center of it was my friend above … the President of our condo association!

Tom and I both knew we didn’t want to be part of this combative scenario … but even with all my coaching skills … nothing we did seemed to bring any resolution!  And we weren’t sure what to do.

So, we did the only thing we could.  We imagined it resolved … living with our neighbors in peace and harmony … even though we had no idea how that could happen!

Now back to you …

The part of the process most business owners want to skip is the visioning … imagining their business as they want it to be at some specified point in the future.  Most business owners want to jump right to their goals and get busy taking the actions that’ll get them the results they want.

But when you do that, you miss out big time!

So, here’s what I want you to do.

Vision what you want … clearly and consistently.  The more details around how it looks, sounds, and feels, the better.   But, even if your vision isn’t detail-rich, it’ll still work as long as you get to the good feeling place of savoring the happy end result.

Important:  Don’t think at all about how you’re gonna get there.  Just vision the ideal future.  As soon as you start thinking about how, your vision turns to mush.  Visioning is all about the what, not the how.

Actions will naturally flow from the vision, but that comes later.  And besides, action isn’t nearly as important as simply allowing the vision to manifest … as happened in our case.

Send your dreams off to the ethers … to the unseen Universal forces that can make miracles happen!  Let it go!  Don’t try to force it.

Tom and I rode back to our condo in our golf cart after that encounter shaking our heads and laughing, wondering, “How the heck did that happen?”  It was nothing short of a miracle!

Would you like some miraculous results in your business in 2022?  Take some time before the New Year to envision what you want for your business and your life.  Have fun with it.  Dream in technicolor.  Get excited about it.  And don’t spend a second on figuring out how to make it happen!

That’s mostly the job of forces far bigger than you.

Happy Dreaming!


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