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Don’t Be Sleazy. The One “Sales” Word You Should Avoid!

There it is again.  That word.  It makes my skin crawl.  As both a business coach and just as a regular person, I literally flinch when I hear it.

What’s more, it speaks volumes about the mindset of the person speaking it.

The word is pitch … as in “sales pitch.”

Why such a strong reaction?

It sounds so manipulative … dare I say sleazy.  “Make my pitch.”  Ugh!!!

I NEVER think about my offer to work together as a pitch.  And it clearly doesn’t “occur” as one.  The hundreds of you with whom I’ve done complimentary coaching sessions consistently confirm that.

Pitch sounds like I need to work hard to persuade the listener to do something … probably something they wouldn’t naturally and willingly be disposed to do on their own.  It also sounds as if I have an agenda … the promotion of which might override due consideration of what’s actually best for the client.

I like offer better.  I have an offer … a possibility for you … a choice.  That’s completely different from I have a direction I want … and need … you to go.

The secret to selling without hype or manipulation is to come from service.  How do you do that?  Help the client work through the thought process. If you think you can help, make an offer. Then do your best to have no attachment to the outcome.  The prospective client can say yes or no.  Doesn’t matter.  As long as you feel as if they’ve taken all the salient issues into consideration and are acting in their best interests as they see it, either answer is okay.

No attachment = No manipulation.

As far as revealing the mindset of the speaker using the word pitch goes, the big ah-ha for me was that most people who use the word pitch have real sales avoidance and a reluctance to ask the simple question …

So, would you like to work together?

It’s a word that typically clues me into the fact that they don’t really like or trust themselves in the role of “salesperson” and they have a negative view of the sales process.

So, how do you get some relief and some freedom around asking this simple question, so there’s no heavy baggage attached to it?

Just come from service and be equally okay with a no as you are with a yes.  Assist the person in thinking through their situation and then let them decide.

You don’t have to “do” anything really.  Just listen, facilitate the problem analysis process, and, if you think you can make a difference for them on what they’re dealing with or aspiring toward, ask them if they’d like you to work with you.

That’s soooo much easier and more comfortable than trying to figure out how to bait a prospect onto the hook so you can “land” them like a prize marlin.

Yup.  It’s simple and so easy.  Just be yourself and behave as a friend and ally would.  No personality transplant or clever scheming required.

Oh, by the way, this “approach” … if you can even call it that, given that you just act like a normal nice person who wants to help … is very effective in securing new clients.

So, can we agree that pitch is out?

And simply being your kindest, most service-oriented self is totally in?

Why not?  I promise you, you’ll notice the difference both in terms of results and how you feel about “selling.”  The feeling?

Blessed relief.

Best Wishes,


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