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Everything We Really Need to Know About Life!

There’s a book I’d recommend to everyone out there … Happy For No Reason by Marci Shimoff. It’s chock full of life coaching lessons that inform every aspect of our lives.

I was re-reading it recently as part of my morning practice and came across this story that really touched my heart and made me cry.

Let that be fair warning.

It doesn’t get any sweeter, heartwarming or tear-jerking than this.

What follows is a passage from an interview Marci did with a young father …

When my oldest daughter, Victoria, was almost three, we read Dr. Suess’s How The Grinch Stole Christmas every night to her before the holiday.

She’d curl up beside me as I read: Every Who down in Who-ville liked Christmas a lot …

Victoria followed along as the Grinch unveiled his plans to ruin the Christmas of the Whos. Disguising himself as Santa and his dog as a reindeer, the Grinch steals into the Who’s homes and takes everything, leaving only the hooks and wires on the bare walls. But to his surprise, the Whos remain happy despite the loss of the presents and trees and trimmings and trappings. He hadn’t stopped Christmas from coming; “it came just the same.”

On that Christmas morning, we woke just ahead of Victoria so we could watch her three-year-old enthusiasm as she saw the presents under the tree. She first ran to the kitchen table where she‘d left a snack for Santa and his reindeer. She looked at the evidence of Santa’s visit: the cookie crumbs on the plate and the empty milk glass and the missing carrots. My wife, pregnant with our second child, and I beamed seeing our daughter so wide-eyed and excited at the thought that Santa had been in our home. Next, she ran into the living room and saw the presents under the tree.

We expected her to dive into them – but she didn’t. She held up her little hand and said, “Stop. Let’s pretend the Grinch has been here and took everything and left just hooks and wires and we’d still be happy.”

So, we stopped and were happy. And like the Grinch, our heart grew three sizes that day.

From the pure heart of a child … who wants only that we be happy … we learn just about everything we really need to know about life.

Be happy no matter what.

Be happy for no reason.

I’m crying just writing this.

My heartfelt wish for you?

May you have the most blessed and happy holiday season you’ve ever had.

And may we enter the New Year … refreshed, renewed, and joyful … happy for no reason in particular … just that we’re alive on this blessed earth and have each other.




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