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Five Easy Steps When There’s Not Enough of You to Go Around

I absolutely love being a business coach … and I have to tell ya, it ain’t gettin’ any easier to do my job.  Why?  Because I’ve lost so many critical elements of my support team!

When the world shut down last year, I had to do without my cleaning folks for the time being.  In the interim, they went out of business.

I lost my in-office administrative support person, because he didn’t have the ability to work virtually.  I was blessed to have my former assistant step in electronically … that is until things opened up in NC and his massage business took off!

My graphic and web designer wants to be home more with her toddler.  I completely understand, but that means she’s no longer available.  She not only served me, but my clients as well.

And then, two weeks ago my Speaking and Tour Manager died unexpectedly.  I lost my friend, my buddy.  But I also lost another vital leg of support … the one support person most critical to the success of my business.

How is my business going to recover from this?  You don’t just go out and find someone who has the personality and skills to book your speaking engagements.  It takes a certain package of gifts and a lot of time in training.

So, now what?

I know I need to pivot.

First, let’s define pivot.  It’s your ability to change your opinions, decisions, and actions, so they’re more supportive of successful outcomes.

But HOW do you pivot when you’re already pretty overwhelmed?

  • First, you’ve got to get out of your own way.  Stop feeling sorry for yourself and take personal responsibility … no matter what.  Realize nobody’s gonna do this for you.
  • Think creatively.  I knew no one was going to replace Stephen in the near future.  I had to take over his role.  So, with that added to my plate, what could I do to lessen the load elsewhere?
  • Get quiet.  Listen to your inner wisdom.  Allow the peaceful knowing of the Universe to help you out.  Sometimes the answers don’t come from your busy brain … especially when it’s overwhelmed!

My inner wisdom said, “Stop cleaning the house!  That’s the easiest skill to replace and you don’t need to be doing that.”

  • Don’t listen to those limiting thoughts and beliefs that are bound to pop up.  “You couldn’t find a good cleaning service before, so how are you going to find someone now?  You don’t have time for this.  Blah, blah, blah!”
  • Take action anyway.  Inaction leads to no results.  Funny how a quick google search revealed just the right people.  They came to meet me that day.  I loved them.  Problem #1 solved!
  • Look for the next step.  One step leads to the next … and the next.  When you’re looking to pivot or make any big change, take consistent action.  That’s the key.  That’s the game-changer!  Even one small step taken every day can make a BIG difference.  And be sure to keep listening for those little inklings from the Universe that prompt you toward what’s next.
  • Ask for help.  I reached out to a friend about the administrative position, asking if she knew a Mom who might be looking for part time work.  She referred someone to me.  I really liked her, but she ultimately decided her heart was in another line of work.  I was disappointed, and yet, it inspired me to take further action.

How do I know this advice will work for you?

Well, it’s what I’ve been doing, and while things are still in flux, I find myself in a place where I feel hopeful, instead of lost and overwhelmed.

And that’s half the battle, isn’t it?

Best Wishes,


Possible Opportunity!

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It’s a position that offers a wide degree of flexibility … for a Mom with kids in school, for instance.

It pays well.  Yeah, it’s work, but we have fun too.

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Please feel free to forward it widely!  Thanks.


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