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Here’s How to Make It Easy to Do Business with You

Two feet with red tennis shoes, In front of one foot a squiggly arrow. In front of the other foot, a straight arrow.I’ve been working with business owners for 20 years, helping them streamline their processes and procedures, so they bring in more clients and continue to serve existing ones to the best of their ability.  It’s my job as a business coach to see the things my clients may not be seeing.

And what I’m seeing quite often is entrepreneurs who aren’t making it easy to hire them … or not as easy as it could be.  They unwittingly put up barriers or roadblocks.

Let’s look at what some of those might be.

First, you have to have an easy way for people to pay you.  I remember when I first started out, most of my clients were paying by check.  I’d spend a lot of time and energy reminding them to mail their payments.  I discovered early on I didn’t want to be a collection agency.  I wanted to be a coach!

Here’s what’s going on underneath the surface.  EVERY time that client has to write a check to you … or go into PayPal to pay you … you’re asking them to re-visit the decision to continue with your services.  And if you’re delivering good value … if you’re serving your clients well … there’s no need to offer them an opportunity to re-visit the decision.

Now, I know some of you may want to avoid the merchant fees that come with credit card transactions.  I get that.  But in this case, penny wise is pound foolish.

When you make your payment system simple and straightforward, you make the decision to hire you … and stay with you … so much easier for your prospective clients.  And here’s the kicker:

Have them pay by credit card and you’ll end up making far more money … offsetting those merchant fees many times over.

Your payment system isn’t the only part of the process that has to be seamless.  All of it needs to be seamless!  Here’s what I do.  Feel free to customize this to your area of service.  (Of course, if you sell a product this would be different.)

After expressing my genuine excitement about our working together, I’ll:

  • Schedule their first two or three appointments on our calendars. Even if you typically use Calendly or some other automated system, schedule these first appointments in person right now.  You don’t want to be waiting for them to make that scheduling commitment!  That’s what puts the train firmly on the tracks.
  • Get any contact information I may need. Again, it’s easy and automated, courtesy of a form I created to help with this.
  • Give them a heads up on any information or resources I may be sending them.
  • Ask for their credit card or debit card number in the same matter-of-fact way you’ve spoken as you covered the other bullet points. If you’re uncomfortable doing this, it’ll show through.  You may need to practice a bit before you’re confident in this step!
  • Be sure to send them the information I promised and then charge their credit card within 24-48 hours of this conversation.

You may consider sending them a small gift as part of your process.  The reality is that buyer’s remorse can set in within minutes of the completion of your conversation.  It’s okay.  That’s part of the process too.  Sending a small gift or card cements in their mind that they made the right choice!

I don’t want you to lose business for no good reason.

All too often, clients tell me they have prospective clients who say they want to work together … and then disappear.

Was it because they found themselves staring at their checkbooks, unable to bring themselves to write in a big number without thinking about it some more … and eventually talking themselves out of it?

Was it because nothing was scheduled and life got in the way, as it so often does?

Was it due to some other roadblock or speedbump that kept them from moving ahead?

Think about what those barriers to finalizing the commitment might be and institute any new ways of doing things you need to put in place to make it easy for folks to get on board quickly and easily as soon they say, “Yes, I’d like to work with you!”

Easy is good!

What’s more, especially in today’s crazy world …

Easy is essential.

Best Wishes,


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