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Stephanie Dugdale M.A.

“I began working with Denise five months ago to increase my client base as a psychotherapist. In that time, I’VE TRIPLED THE NUMBER OF CLIENTS IN MY PRACTICE, DOUBLED MY FEES, and moved to a wonderful new office space. Do I recommend working with her? You bet!” Stephanie Dugdale M.A. COACH; MARRIAGE & FAMILY THERAPIST, WILMINGTON, […]

Hilary Hendershott, MBA, CFP

“THE VERY BEST HUMAN EXPERIENCES DON’T JUST TEACH YOU NEW INFORMATION, THEY ACTUALLY CHANGE HOW YOU THINK AND WHO YOU ARE. This was definitely one of those experiences! I’m sure the results I got are worth 10x what I paid for the course, probably more!” Hilary Hendershott, MBA, CFP FINANCIAL ADVISOR, SAN JOSE, CA