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Are You Really Seeing What’s Around You?

Beauty is everywhere.  It surrounds us … the beauty of nature and the beauty of things man-made.  As a life coach, I’m always encouraging my clients to pay attention to the beautiful and wonderous world around them.

But do I, myself, take a lot of things for granted that are right in front of me?

Absolutely.  We all do, even those who practice mindfulness very diligently.  What’s familiar fades into the background, even when it’s mindblowingly awesome, like Niagara Falls or the sparkle in a baby’s eyes.

Case in point:  Look at this picture.  The subject is nothing short of an objet d’art.

Had our ancient ancestors possessed such a thing with its perfect shape and smoothness and glazing and lovely brushstrokes, it would have been prized as if it were sent by the gods above.

It’s really pretty magnificent.

It’s my wastebasket.


Yeah, it sits there being beautiful every day, unnoticed.  And what do we do?  We add insult to injury by filling it with trash!  An objet d’art filled with trash.  Imagine the indignity it must feel.

Oh, and, since we’re on a tour of my bathroom’s accoutrements, here’s the pull on my vanity drawer.

As little as 150-200 years ago, people would have been awed by its perfect smoothness, shape, and gleam.  They would have been mystified, wondering how anyone could have produced such a perfect thing.

Today, it goes almost unnoticed, a simple utilitarian object.


Here’s the simple point.

Beauty is everywhere.  

Look for it.  Appreciate it.  Revel in it.  It’s an instant and ever-available source of joy.

Wondrous creation is everywhere.

Within 10 feet of you right now is a Universe of incredible things.  Soak in the wonder of it all.  Get excited about it.  Don’t let the miraculous become mundane.

Here’s a fact of life on earth.

You’re given multiple opportunities every single day to focus on what’s wrong and think thoughts that lower your vibration.  It’s easy to get down … down on yourself … down on the world … down on life.

And that’s what makes this skill of being able to see the good so critically important.

When we’re unhappy, a big part of it might be because we just aren’t looking at the beauty and wonder … and we’d be a helluva lot happier if we did.

It’s right in front of our faces if we just look.  Literally … right in front of our faces.

That reminds me of a riddle:

“How can you be standing right in front of the Empire State Building, five feet away, with your eyes open and fully functioning … and not see it?”

Think about it.  Think about it.

If you have your back to it.

To see, we have to turn in the direction of the beautiful and wonderous things and look … really look.  And when we do, we find ourselves beholding the miraculous and rejoicing at the sight.

Here’s to loving what you see.




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