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Your Challenge … How to Live Life Differently!

As a life coach, I ask a lot of questions. It’s my job.

And I have a kind of unusual question for you today.

If an angel were to come to you and tell you that s/he who wins the game of life is s/he who stresses the least, has the most fun, and gains the most satisfaction from living … and you believed what she said completely … how would you live your life differently from here on?

Wait.  Stop. I want to hear your answer, but first, I want to know your reaction to the question itself, because it digs at the very roots of your beliefs around the most fundamental question of all … Why are we here?

Some people might be in alignment with our angel already and think to themselves, “Yeah, I believe that, even if I don’t always act like it.”

But I’m guessing there are others who will say, “Wait a minute, life is about living an upright life according to a set of precepts.  Living a good life is more important than living the good life.”

Others might say, “Life is about being of service.”

Still others … “Life is for learning.”

I get all that.   And, no question … righteousness, service, and learning seem to be more important and certainly more high-minded than something as seemingly frivolous as having fun.

But think about it for a minute.  Are any of these viewpoints really mutually exclusive?

If life is for learning, do you not learn better when you’re enjoying the process?  Don’t we say all the time … learning should be fun?

If life is all about service, can we really serve others if our own life isn’t happy and fulfilled and we don’t have a lot of ourselves to give?  The true servants in life are happy and have fun serving others. It’s satisfying to them.

And don’t conflate having fun with not taking life seriously.

No, you don’t want people acting irresponsibly or coming at life too casually or being selfish to the point of harming others, but you can have fun while being serious, responsible, and mindful of the needs of those around you.

Lastly, where’s the contradiction between living “a good life” and living well with minimal stress?

It exists solely in the mind.

Throughout the ages, there’s been a pervasive idea that if you wanted to get close to God / understand the true nature of existence, you needed to deny yourself … to cut yourself off from the world … and especially worldly pleasures.

Don’t want too much.  Don’t ask for too much.  Don’t be self-ish.

Some self-flagellation might even be in order.

I dare say, some of us have inherited vestiges of that belief.

So, who am I to say it doesn’t serve us?

Well, I’m a life coach … and what I would say is you don’t have to suffer or deny yourself to be a good person and lead a good life … to connect with spirit … Source … God.

Let’s go one step further.

It’s not only okay to have fun and be joyful, you deny the spiritual aspect of your being when you’re anything less than fun-loving and joyful.

Your soul knows life is a dance … and, by golly, it wants to dance!

So, if you think our angel and I are onto something, and it isn’t wrong or somehow selfish to want a fun, low stress, and satisfying life doing the things you love …

How might you live your life differently from here on, so you can have exactly that?  

What will you think and do less of?  More of?

Where will you concentrate your focus and energy?  How could you stress less, have more fun, and find more satisfaction?

These are important questions.

The goal:  Find a way to simply love life more.

Talk about a win-win-win.  You’ll be happier. You’ll become a role model for everyone around you.

And our little angel will get her wings.





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