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Live Life Like Someone Left The Gate Open!

It may be obvious, but the quality of your life depends on the state of mind and body you spend most of your time in.  The more time you spend in positive states, the better life is.

Lord knows it’s easy to slip into a state of irritation or disillusionment … anger or overwhelm.  There are plenty of negative emotions to grab ahold of.  And when you’re in an emotional funk, are you really enjoying life?


But there are excellent feelings and states of mind and body that are available to us at any time.

Exuberance … exhilaration … exultation … all the Latinate “ex” words.

The ex means flowing out of.  And what is it that’s flowing out of you when you’re in these states?  Joy … appreciation … wonder … positive energy!  And it feels great!

Like it does for our Havanese pup, Willy, pictured here, when he breaks free of confinement and runs free.  That’s pure exhilaration.

These are the states of being we want to stay in as much of the time as possible, right?

So, what do you do to get there?  Well, you can listen to music.  Try listening to the final movement of Beethoven’s Fifth symphony and not feel a surge of energy up your spine.  Even if you’re not a gospel music fan, listen to Fred Hammond’s Jesus Be a Fence Around Me. Every time we do, it’s uplifting and energizing … a peak experience.

You can look at flowers, hold a baby, sit in the sun, or watch your team win the championship.

Whatever’s uplifting … fun … energizing … beautiful.

That said, it doesn’t require taking action to cause a positive state to unfold.

Getting there mostly involves simply allowing the energy of all that is beautiful and good to flow through you more or less spontaneously.

Is that easy when you’re worried or tired, in pain or feeling put upon?

Of course not.  And, unless you’re a spiritual master, you’re probably not gonna spend all that much time in these states.  Most of life involves pretty mundane stuff.  It’s hard to get really excited about doing the dishes or paying the bills.

But when you’re there in these wonderful states of being … that’s what life’s all about.  It’s these peak moments that make life worth living.

So, whenever you see the gate swing open, go for it for all you’re worth … and treasure the exhilaration.



P.S.  Is Willy not the cutest thing ever?


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