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Make 3 Someones Happy

Her face just lit up. She threw back her shoulders and grinned from ear-to-ear with satisfaction. It was a quiet Sunday morning in the coffee shop off the hotel lobby, hardly anyone around, a kind of sleep inducing atmosphere, and she was working diligently at a low paying job.

“Oh, thank you … thank you … I’m glad you like it.”

She was beaming. She was happy. And you know what made her happy? I told her that I was very particular about my coffee and that she had just made me a perfect drink.

That’s all it took to brighten up her day. No big deal, but we both left that encounter feeling good.

So, what’s the point?

What if we all made a habit of doing little things to brighten other people’s days, not just during the holiday season, but literally every day?

I don’t remember the man’s name who suggested this or I’d give him credit, but his idea is as simple as they come. Your mission: Make the day better for at least three people you interact with every day.

I’ve been consciously doing just that and I love it. It’s fun, and it’s rewarding.

Lord knows it doesn’t take much.

My partner Tom’s mother was in a nursing home until she passed away last March at the age of 100. I would stop in pretty often and do what I could to lift spirits and create some joy when I was there, and we still visit our friends from time to time.

Life in a nursing home is reduced to its most elemental. Imagine yourself there.

All of your plans and ambitions have faded away and your body is failing you. Events in the outside world no longer mean much of anything. The most basic acts of living have become the primary objects of concern, and the full life you once knew has been reduced to simply carrying on.

Do you think you might soak up attention and kindness like a drought-stricken plant soaks up the rain?

Yes. Yes, you would. And they do.

A smile, a touch, or a little friendly conversation can mean so much. A compliment, having your hand held, a good laugh … these things revive the spirit.

And it doesn’t matter who we are or where we find ourselves in life. Aren’t we all appreciative of the thoughtfulness, kindness, and attention others show us?

It just makes the world a more enjoyable place when you look for chances to brighten and uplift. And when you do, it brightens and uplifts you!

So here’s a resolution for ya. I will make the new year a little bit happier for as many people as I can … at the rate of at least 3 a day!

It’s like the old song says, “Make someone happy … and you will be happy too.”



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