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No More New Year Resolutions! This is More Powerful

Picture me in my happy place, spending time at our condo in Puerto Aventuras, Mexico.  And I’m riding in my golf cart along my favorite “jungle” path, watching the workers leave for the day.  There’s always a stream of workers coming in the gate at 7 am and out again around 5 pm … a flood of construction workers, often carrying big heavy toolboxes on their shoulders or on their motorcycles, alongside the wait staff for the hotels and restaurants, walking or riding their bikes.

The folks I get to interact with are uniformly happy, gracious, and kind-hearted.  Is there any resentment when they see me in a golf cart, clearly not headed to lay concrete block or take orders on a hot beach from people who aren’t always as gracious as they could be?  I’m sure there’s some.  But I’ve never seen it.

And it wouldn’t be surprising if there were.  The life of the working folks here is often very hard, and they usually don’t make a heck of a lot.

But the waiters at the Beach Hotel are always kind and happy to see us … whether we order anything or not.  The repairman we use did wonderful work fixing the lights on our terrace for 200 pesos … the equivalent of about $10.  He couldn’t be easier to deal with, nicer, or more skilled at what he does.  Can’t help but give him a bonus on top of what he quotes.

Many days while I’m here, I get to sit at the Beach Hotel, reading and staring out at the beautiful turquoise water, joking with the waiters I’ve come to know and love … Cruz, Ezequiel, Juan, Alex, Armando.  And I’m stuck by just how blessed I am!

Have I worked hard all my life?  Yeah, and I’m still working down here.  But I get to enjoy the tropical sun and breeze in my off hours while they’re working, often in less than ideal conditions.  I’m BLESSED … and I do my best to not take any of my blessings for granted.

The New Year is fast approaching.  It’s the time for resolutions, right?

But nothing about that whole process is inspirational to me!

Continuing with the theme of appreciating what we have, how about we take some time to catalog the good stuff that came our way in 2022?

What if, instead of coming up with a list of resolutions … things we’re gonna start doing or stop doing or do better, you and I looked backwards and spent some time counting our blessings from the past year and giving thanks for all we have?

It’s likely to be a more rewarding process.

Even if you had a rough year or it didn’t end in such a good way, forget all that burdensome stuff the best you can and concentrate on what was good and what went right, so you can go into the New Year feeling good, with a positive mindset and a creative forward-looking focus.

Just this week one of my team members reminded me of a song from the Sound of Music … and what we can do even if we’re not in such a good place.

When the dog bites, when the bee stings
When I’m feeling sad
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don’t feel so bad!


Lastly, let me explain the picture above.  In Puerto Aventuras, every US Thanksgiving the school children come from the school to the marina in the morning.  The little ones … the toddlers … sing songs.  Their baby voices fill the air while the older children hand out scraps of red, white, and green crepe paper for you to write on … something you’re grateful for.  Then, they string the pieces around the marina, creating a festive display of our gratitude.

Thanksgiving isn’t a holiday here.  They do that for us, the expats and visitors.

It’s sweet and touching and captures the beautiful nature of the people here.

Uh … one more very important thing.  I appreciate YOU, my readers and clients.  You guys are the best!

Let’s get ready for even bigger and better things in 2023.

See you in the New Year.




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