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Norman Rockwell and You

Norman-Rockwell-201x200It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

At least that’s what the song tell us, not to mention advertisers, and the media in general. Happy happy. Smiles abound. Loving family gathered around the table. Snowflakes falling as you curl up by the fire.

We’ve been raised with the illusion that our holidays are supposed to look like a Norman Rockwell painting or a made-for-TV movie.

Of course, for many the holidays are an absolutely wonderful time, and that’s fantastic. Enjoy and be grateful for what you have!

But our holiday greeting this year carries a different message. It’s dedicated to those of you who are experiencing the stress of the season more than the joy of the season.

Maybe your life doesn’t look like a Christmas card. Maybe you’ve had a loved one die recently or you’re anticipating the anniversary of their passing. Maybe the holidays are bringing up all your “family stuff” and you’re just trying to get through the day without being triggered. Maybe you’re sick or a loved one is struggling with an illness. Or maybe you’re just a bit too strapped for cash to buy your kid that thing he or she really wants.

Both of us have experienced losses and hardships during the holidays. We know what it’s like. We know it isn’t easy, and we want to dedicate this holiday message to you.

We wish you the warmth of a stranger’s kindness … the memory of a child’s laughter. We wish you strength of spirit and peace of mind.

We gift you with the “knowing” that it will get better … maybe not tomorrow … maybe not even next week or next month … but eventually things will get better for you … and better … and better, because we believe they will.

We hold the intention that the New Year will bring you renewal, a fresh perspective, and maybe even a whole new life … whatever you want … whatever you need.

Just as the hardness of the frozen winter ground gives way to the irrepressible green shoots of the crocus, you are ready to break through … to grow … to thrive. And just like the flower, it’ll be beautiful to behold.

May you and your family be blessed this holiday season, this coming year … and always.

Denise and Barbara

Meet Denise: Denise Hedges is a Business Development Coach and Speaker Coach for small business owners who want to be more comfortable, confident, and successful with their sales and marketing efforts. She specializes in helping them use speaking as a way to dramatically improve their results!