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One Heckuva Great Question for You

Coaching isn’t a one-way thing.  I get a lot of insight and shared wisdom from my clients … and I wanted to highlight a particularly brilliant question a dear client of mine asks herself on a regular basis.

Do I really need to have an opinion on this?


What a great question.

Why so great?  Because it gets ya thinking about where you’re focusing your attention and where you’re investing your emotional capital.

Because, come on, how often do you have an opinion that isn’t charged with some emotion?  Sometimes, sure.  But a lot of the time, we get pretty worked up about what we think and believe.

Anything wrong with that?  I would say no … as long as the subject is worthy of that kind of investment of attention and engagement.

But, honestly, especially in today’s flash bang, short attention span, click-bait world, how often are we getting worked up about stuff that isn’t worthy of our time, attention, and psychic involvement?

And what price do you and I pay for granting mental access to anything that’s not pretty directly related to our lives … especially when it’s usually stuff we have no influence over?

A big price.

Your attention and your precious time get hijacked.  The result?  Less time to focus on what truly matters.  Less bandwidth to appreciate that which brings you joy.

Did someone say social media?  Yeah, case in point.

I’d venture to say that most of what’s on social media is entirely ignorable … of no real value and often downright toxic.

So, what’s the cure for lending your ear to anyone who wants to grab your attention and get you worked up?

Condition yourself to ask, “Do I really need to have an opinion on this?”

I mean, do you really need to have an opinion on how King Charles deals with Prince Harry and what’s her name … The Duchess of wherever?

How about Coke or Pepsi?

Of course not, but those are too easy.

What about … should people let their kids engage in activities that involve a fair amount of risk?

That’s not an unimportant topic, but you can make a decision for yourself, assuming you have kids, and let everybody else decide for themselves.

You don’t need to universalize the thought process and give the topic additional energy.

Is an electric car better than a gas powered or a hybrid?  Same advice.

The more extraneous opinions you shed, the freer and more available your mind … and heart … will be to take in the important, the beautiful, the enjoyable, the inspirational.

Don’t squander your mind, heart, and soul energy on whatever the topic du jour is, on fluff, on marketing bait, or outright garbage.

Save it for the good stuff.

And the tool to shield yourself from the ocean of dreck and things irrelevant is this simple question.

Do I really need to have an opinion on this?

It’ll free a lot of space on that hard drive between your ears.  I know it has for me!




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