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One Simple Step to Make Your Day Better

Life coach coffee cup that says "today is going to be a good day".If you’ve been following me for a while, you know it’s essential for me as a life coach to get my time in the morning for reflection and visioning, so my day starts off right.

I spend thirty minutes …. to a delicious full hour or more … reading, writing appreciation lists, listening to inspiring podcasts, etc.

In one of my audio sessions, I came across this wonderfully enthusiastic, happy man, who asked himself a simple question … a question that clearly changed the entire trajectory of his life!

So, I began to ask myself the same thing. And I found it makes all the difference in how my day goes.

What am I going to do today to STAY happy?

That’s a very different question than the one this overachiever typically asks, which is …

What do I need to DO today?

And here’s the irony. What I need to do today is manage my energy, so I stay happy!  Truly happy.   And that often means not allowing myself to get caught up in the daily grind of doing.

So this very morning when I posed this question, I wrote down ….

I’m going to start with an appreciation list that focuses on how blessed I am … and particularly blessed to do the work I do.

I’m going to take 20 minutes this afternoon to do something I love … a guided meditation that always gives me an energy boost!

I’m going to think about and visualize the different segments of my day and “pre-pave” how easily everything goes.

I’m going to catch my knee feeling good and focus on the times there’s no pain.

I could say more, but you get my drift.

I really want you to try this.  It’s one thing to read about it and have it sound like a good idea.  It’s quite another to feel the significant shift it makes in your morning and throughout your day!

The bottom line:  You don’t have to wait for someone or something to “make your day.” 

You can do it all by yourself.



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