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Patience Is Overrated!

EinsteinAlbert Einstein … we all know his name and a few things about him, but what you might not know is that his approach to physics was supremely creative and imaginative.

He was once asked how it was possible for him to uncover the mysteries of the universe when others were blind to what he was seeing.

He answered that he questioned the axioms of physics that were handed down to him rather than assuming they were valid. By doing so, he was able to think in a free and unconstrained manner. His unconventional thinking turned the accepted scientific understanding of his day on its head and radically changed our understanding and experience of the world forever.

So, what does that have to do with us?

How many “givens” are there in our belief systems that we’d be well served to question?   If we freed up our thinking, it might just provide us with an entirely different perspective on our world.

For example, I was listening to one of my Abraham-Hicks CDs (Science of Deliberate Creation) the other day and I was just stopped in my tracks by what Abraham was saying to someone who was looking for a way to speed up the process of getting what he wanted.

Should he be more patient? No!

“Patience is overratedPatience is only a virtue you have to develop when you want things you’re resistant to.

Read that again. Patience is only a virtue you have to develop when you want things you’re resistant to.

That was a revelation for me, even though I’ve long believed in the power of attraction and the importance of letting go of resistance. Still, I was bowled over by what Abraham had to say. I mean, I know patience is a virtue. That’s a given, right?

But why? Because we’ve been conditioned to believe that you get what you want by being patient. I mean, how many times have your heard the following phrase?

“All good things come to those who wait.” (Longfellow)

But is patience really the ticket? No!

“The fastest way to get to where you want to be is to make peace with where you are.” 

In other words, being “patient” won’t do you any good if your focus is on what you don’t want or don’t have and how deprived you are. Why? Because the law of attraction says you get more of whatever you focus on, whether it’s something you want … or don’t want!

What do you think is the number one thing getting in the way of your having what you want?

Focusing on not having it! Worrying about not having it! Kvetching about not having it! Obsessing about not having it! Speculating that you may never have it … over and over.

That’s what Abraham means by resistance … whatever resists the flow of blessings coming to you. We’re talking about the negative chatter … “I’m never gonna have money.” “I’m not good enough.”   “All the good men are already taken.” “The economy stinks.” “You can’t win for losing.”

We’re also talking about allowing yourself to languish in low vibration emotional states, indulging in complaint, impatience, even misery, unconsciously creating a vicious cycle of negativity in thought and mood.

There’s no energy, no possibility, no hope in that place. That’s resistance. It’s like a negative force field, blocking the good from coming in.

Getting what you want doesn’t involve doing or patiently waiting as much as it does cleaning up your thoughts and conditioning yourself to feel a different way about your circumstances.

It’s about who you’re being in relation to whatever the object of your desire is. It’s about letting go of the negative energy. And as you let go, you let flow.

So, patience smatience. The key is to get happy with where you are and what you have, while retaining positive expectations and a sense of peaceful anticipation. The desire will still be there, but the angst, frustration, and impatience go away. There’s nothing to block good things from coming to you … and so they do.

Ask for what you want. Expect it to be given. Allow it to come to you. That’s how the law of attraction works. It’ll change your life if you let it. I know. It changed mine … giving me so much of what I wanted.

And the blessings just continue to flow.

This is what I wish for you.


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