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As a life coach and the author of these Life Lessons every month, my eyes are always open for a meaningful message I can pass along to you. Often, that message comes from my personal experience.

This month, my experience was very much of the up-close-and- personal variety … and one I’ll never forget.

As many of you longtime readers know, we have a condo in a gated community on the Riviera Maya in Mexico called Puerto Aventuras.  It’s my happy place!

It’s beautiful.  The people are warm and friendly.  We have terrific restaurants, bakeries, shops, etc.   Plus, the dollar goes a long way.

We can walk everywhere … and we can lounge seaside.

There’s a world-class white sand beach where they serve me food under my palapa as I look out at water that’s a mixture of inky blue and sea foam green … with sailboats passing by.  Ahhhhhhh ….

And one of things I love most about this place is how peaceful, calming, and centering it is, especially first thing in the morning.

I like to get up early and walk down my beautiful jungle path to the lagoons where the dolphins are. 

A couple of days ago, no one was around the lagoon.  That’s unusual. Usually there are people walking around and trainers on the water’s edge lovin’ on the dolphins, feeding them, taking care of them, playing with them, etc.

But not that day.

The dolphins were being playful, so I sat down to enjoy them … right on the edge of the lagoon wall.

I thought to myself … I’m going to send a message to the dolphins and ask them to execute some of their incredible water ballet moves for me.  

I love it when they arc out of the water.  So graceful.

But then, I thought … It’s not right to ask them to perform for me.  

Yes, they’re in a lovely “home” with trainers who clearly care for them in both senses of the word.  And they seem to enjoy themselves. But they’re meant to be free, living in the open ocean.

I wondered … are they happy?  I just want them to be happy. I just want to be with them right now and send them love.

And so I did.  I sat there meditating and sending them love … very intentionally … from the heart.  I was beaming it.

And then something special took place … one of those things you look back on and say to yourself … Did that really just happen?

One of the dolphins swam right up to where I was sitting, lifted his head high out of the water until his face was directly across from mine and looked me straight in the eyes for several seconds … not more than a foot away.

It was magical.

And then s/he was gone.

Love is an intangible.

So are the vibrational messages you’re sending out throughout your day … throughout your life.

They’re invisible … and yet other beings … human and otherwise … can feel them, just as you can sense the “vibes” coming from others.

Did that sweet dolphin get my message?  Did s/he feel the love and come to say hi?

I think so.

All I can tell you is I felt loved back.

So, what can we take from this experience that would be meaningful for your life?

I think it’s simply this.

We think of our communication in terms of words … of language.

But the unspoken language of a pure heart … the language of love … of possibility … of positivity … speaks more deeply and profoundly than words ever could.

What if you consciously set out each day to send these good vibes out wherever you go to whomever you encounter … even those who you’re not feeling all that sweetly connected to?

No, wait.  Especially to them.

Would your world not be a better place?

Would you not be happier and more at peace?  Would you not attract more love and good vibrations in return?

Would people … and animals … not feel as warm and wonderful about you as we all feel about our fun, friendly, and apparently telepathic dolphin friends?

Well, there’s one way to find out.





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