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Speaking Takes Resilience

Speaking Takes Resilience smallIf speaking is the number one way to market and build your business, why aren’t more people out there doing it?

I mean, it’s not as if coming up with a great talk, learning it, getting the engagements booked, and presenting yourself and your message well, is all that hard. It isn’t.

But several things scare off or derail would-be speakers. They shouldn’t, but they do.

The first thing that knocks people out of the game is anxiety / fear. They’re uncomfortable standing in front of a roomful of strangers.

Well … yeah!

They don’t get that that’s normal. Virtually everybody experiences “stage fright” to one degree or another.

Just “do it afraid,“ and after a few talks, you’re mostly over it. In reality, it’s no big deal.

But it’s a big barrier to entry … which is GREAT for those of us who aren’t deterred.

Less competition.

People also tend to shy away from picking up the phone and calling speech bookers. They feel uncomfortable.

Again, WE ALL DO. That’s normal. Just make sure you have the right mindset, make the calls and, before long, you start to realize the people on the other end of the line are really nice people … who need you.

People also fret and struggle over writing the speech. Just tell your story and the things you’ve learned that’ve made all the difference for you … and the difference it can make for them. Keep it simple. And then, follow your message with an offer that connects with people, so they want to do business with you.

Another challenge is getting what you want to say under your belt, so you can deliver the message seamlessly, yet in a warm and genuine way that connects you to your audience.

You have to know your stuff, and that takes work. It isn’t hard … just tedious. But that work is what sets you apart.

In our next Business Insights Newsletter, we’re going to talk about exactly how to learn and practice your talk most effectively.

People are often amazed by how much time I spend practicing a speech.

I spoke to three groups In Florida in February in about 2 weeks, and I wasn’t comfortable with my level of familiarity with my newest speech … the last of the three … I was giving in Tampa.

I had done one webinar with this talk, and two live presentations prior to this one, and they’d been two of the most successful engagements I’d ever had in terms of audience response and new clients attracted. But it had been 4 months or so since I’d given the talk.

And so, while I’m on “vacation” on my off days in Florida, I took one full 8 hour day and did almost nothing but practice … and I followed it up with one more hour the next day.

Look, it isn’t hard to be a successful speaker, but it takes dedication, some concentrated effort … and resilience. You can’t allow yourself to be easily deterred from your mission by any of these self-imposed barriers.

You have to sit down and contact groups week in and week out, even when you don’t want to. You have to sit down to write, even when you’re not exactly sure what you want to say or how to say it. You have to stand up and speak, even when you’re nervous.

You have to be ready to go when it’s showtime, even when your plane’s delayed 4 hours and you don’t get to your hotel till 5 am.

Hello Milwaukee! Happened to me last Monday.

But the payoff is enormous for those who persevere … who are resilient.

The personal satisfaction and self-confidence … the flood of wonderful new people into your life and business. There’s nothing like it.

Best Wishes,

Is your heart whispering … telling you to speak?

Do you have a message you’re meant to bring to the world?

Do you want to use speaking as a strategy

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