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Seeing the Future Through Fresh Eyes

We talk a lot about living a balanced life in our newsletters. When you’re on, you’re on, workin’ smart, making good things happen. When you’re off, you’re off, enjoying life.

Unless you’re in retail or the hospitality business, the end of year is when most people take some time off to be with their families, recharge their batteries, get together with friends, and have fun. Perfect. Have a great time.

And … And … And. Before you hit the OFF button, here’s some advice.

A Classic Miscommunication

Have you ever offended someone without meaning to? Well, read on. The screw-up in our second story today takes the cake.

Let Me Tell You A Story

Remember bedtime when you were three? What did you want?

You wanted to hear a story.

And now that you’re an adult, what’s changed?

Nothing. Stories still capture our attention.

Jerry Seinfeld, $820,000,000 … & You

Jerry Seinfeld’s a funny guy. That said, I’ll bet you could name several comedians you think are funnier.

But can you name any who are richer?

No, you can’t, because he’s by far the richest. So how did he get so rich?

Three Moves Ahead

Sometimes people can’t tell you what they want.

They’re so tied into the what’s-so of their current reality they have a hard time seeing beyond it. That’s why we need visionaries. And why you need to be a visionary.

The Original American Dream

Do you know what it was … the original American dream? I had no idea myself until I read an article recently from financial writer, Chris Mayer.

It seems the phrase was coined by a guy named James Truslow Adams in 1930, and the dream wasn’t about getting ahead and having the house and car and boundless opportunity in the land of the free.

Can We Get Through To You?

Would you ever want to give someone the impression you don’t really need or want their business? Of course not!

But, could you be doing this unwittingly? Hmmm …

Now what would possibly give people the impression you’re not all that interested in serving them?

Fast Takes Longer …

Fumbling. Bumbling.

That’s what happens when you try to go fast, and instead of gaining an advantage, you wind up in worse shape than if you’d taken your time.

Is Your Business On Vacation?

It’s so tempting.

The weather’s great, the days feel lazier, the kids are out of school, there are so many fun things to do … and you think, “Well, why not take some time off in June, July, and August and really kick back into gear in September? Nothing much happens in the summer anyway.”

Great plan … except for one thing. Momentum. Lost momentum to be precise.

Make It A Game, Not A Contest

Let’s say you want something. You get 89% of what you asked for. How would you feel?

Pleased? Upset? Which would you focus on? The 89% you gained or the 11% you came up short?

I know it depends on the circumstances and how attached you are to reaching your original goal.

In my case, I was very attached. I wanted to lose weight … 83 pounds to be exact.