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Give Me This … Or Something Better!

You were hoping things would work out the way you wanted them to … the way you’d pictured them working out. But they didn’t. And now you’re disappointed. You’re discouraged. We all go through that experience. It’s part of being human.

So, what’s the problem? That you allowed yourself to have high hopes in the first place? Absolutely not. Abundant life isn’t possible without abundant hope.

And yet, many people react to that feeling of disappointment and discouragement so strongly that they swear they’ll never put themselves in a position to be “hurt again.” They resolve to never love again, never put themselves at risk for financial loss again, never leave themselves vulnerable to rejection in their work ever again.

What My Mother Taught Me

My mother died on August 26th.

What she taught me changed my life. 180 degrees. And, it’s not at all what she expected to teach me.

That’s Not Acceptable

Someone from my family of origin who I was very close to growing up and trusted my whole life just isn’t that “best friend” and protector anymore. This person has betrayed my trust and behaved very badly.

If I’d Only Known

When I finally get some time, I’m going to __________.

What? What will you do? Fill in the blank.

Okay, may I be blunt?

There are some things that shouldn’t be in that space … things that tell me you’re just asking for trouble. And yet, a large percentage of the population might very well say these very things.

An Automatic “No”

I have to tell one on myself.

I noticed recently that my response to suggested changes in the way we were doing things or plans we had in place had become an automatic no.

The Imperfectly Balanced Life

There’s really no such thing as a balanced life, at least not a perfectly balanced one.

And what’s more, you wouldn’t want one. And you know what? I’ll go one step further. A balanced life isn’t for everybody.


Seeking Validation

Let me ask you a personal question.

What do you have to do to prove yourself in this life? What’s required of you?

Do you have to behave a certain way? Do you have to accomplish something notable?

Slowin’ Your Roll With A 3 Year Old

Little kids say some funny things. And sometimes, our little ones say some really profound things without even knowing it. My grandson said something last week that really got to me.

Admire It Back

When my partner Tom’s brother, Jim, was just a little guy, their mother told him about the tradition of certain Native American tribes.

If someone admires something of yours, it was considered the gracious and generous thing to do to give it to them.

She’d related the information as an interesting bit of information without really thinking what effect it might have on a five year old.

It wasn’t good.

Let Me Tell You A Story

Remember bedtime when you were three? What did you want?

You wanted to hear a story.

And now that you’re an adult, what’s changed?

Nothing. Stories still capture our attention.