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Do You Know Where To Focus?

As a business coach, my primary responsibility is to help people succeed … not only to reach their goals, but to attain that level of personal satisfaction and meaning that comes from fulfilling their mission.

In this series of articles, we’re exploring the qualities and attributes that set you apart as a small business owner … the ones you absolutely must have … or develop … if you want to succeed in business!

We’ve looked at the importance of having rigor and grit.

The third key I want to talk about is knowing where to focus your energies.

It’s Fun-damental

Which do you think is more important to manifesting the things you want in your life and business? Your emotional state … or the amount of work you do?

Notice I didn’t say one is important and the other isn’t. I asked which do you think is more important. This isn’t a rhetorical question. Go ahead and choose an answer.