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Targeted Queer Eye Advice and Your Success

The Jones sisters, BBQ Pitmasters of Kansas City, have to be some of the hardest working folks this business coach has ever seen!  I LOVE these ladies.

They start work at 2 am, smoking meat and prepping for the day ahead. They’re on their feet for 12-14 solid hours a day, working hard to maintain rigorous standards of quality, as they uphold the legacy passed down from their father.

And they’ve been doing it for 39 years … since they were little girls just tall enough to stand on a milk crate!

People start lining up at Jones BBQ at 9 am, and the sisters typically sell out of food every single day as lunchtime winds down!

They’re great people with a great little business.  So, why would they need a Netflix Queer Eye makeover in the spring of 2019?  And, how will what they learned help you in your business?

Let’s start with what they already had going for them:

  • Grit, determination, and a work ethic that would put most of us to shame.  Are you treating your business like a business or is it more of an avocation or even hobby you “play at?”  
  • Rigorous standards of quality.  Are you giving your business your very best every single day?   
  • Coachability.  They gave themselves over fully to the transformation process.  Are you coachable?  Are you willing to stretch and grow even when it makes you feel uncomfortable?

But what was missing?  What were those magic ingredients that would put their business over the top?

  • Confidence  … the confidence to appreciate themselves for who they were and what they had to offer … the confidence to stretch beyond their comfort zone and try something new.   I often see business owners who have a great product or service, as well as the correct business structures and systems in place.  But they don’t believe in themselves.  That’s critical.  You can’t succeed to your full potential if you don’t believe you can!  (See our P.S. below.)
  • Working smarter, not harder.  Look, if hard work were the only thing that made a business successful, these ladies would be multi-millionaires.  SO … what might enable them to produce more income with a lot less effort?    Maybe they could mass market their BBQ sauce.  Bingo!  They’d intended to do it for years, but were scared and intimidated.  With some help from the guys, they took the leap of faith.  The result?  Thousands and thousands of orders from all over the world have poured in!

What leap of faith do you need to take right now … especially when things are so uncertain?  Nobody gets big results from playing small.

  • Time to rest and recharge.  They took a week off to rest and  recharge … get their hair done, clothes updated … and re-connect to their passion again.  One of the sisters said, “They put the fire back in me!”  These ladies were passionate about their BBQ … passionate about their Dad’s recipe and all he’d handed down to them.  But they were TIRED.  What they needed was someone to believe in them, treat them with love and respect and give them the gift of self care.   Their week with Queer Eye was only their fourth vacation in 39 years!

Are you still passionate about your business?  Are you connected to your WHY?   Are you taking care of yourself?  It’s easy to default to pushing ever harder.  The irony here is we usually accomplish more when we scale back and relax a little bit.

Believe in yourself.  Work Smart.  And take care of yourself so the fire stays burning brightly.

It’s worked for the Jones sisters and it can work for you.

Best Wishes,



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