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The Best Medicine Right Now

Someone very wise once said, “Laughter is the best medicine.”  As a life coach, I couldn’t agree more.

And when is laughter needed most?

When life turns tragic.  When the world is in lockdown and people are getting sick, dying, losing their jobs, and going hungry.

Or when you’ve been told you have a terminal illness … let’s say, ankylosing spondylitis … a disease of the connective tissue … and there’s nothing they can do for you.  You have maybe a 1 in 500 chance of surviving.

That was the diagnosis given to well-known writer for the New York Evening Post, Norman Cousins.  Many of you are undoubtedly familiar with his story.

Sounds pretty grim, and yet, he survived!

His cure?  Laughter.

He did a little research and discovered the therapeutic effects of laughter.  So, he got a bunch of classic comedy videos to watch and proceeded to laugh himself silly several hours a day.

Hmmm.  Comedy in the face of tragedy.

We could use some of that right now, couldn’t we?

And why not laugh?  Misery really is optional.

Just try telling that to the little girl in this priceless short video clip.  It’s really funny!

Humor and the ability to laugh is a gift possessed by only one animal species … humans.  Maybe it’s because the gods knew we were gonna need it.

Oh, and what’s the other extra special gift we humans have?  The ability to reframe our perspective on things and consciously choose how we respond to our circumstances.

We can see the silver lining in misfortune and the humor in our predicaments … and doing so just makes us feel better.

Is our situation serious?  Yes?  Does that mean we have to walk around all worried and somber?

No!  That doesn’t help you or anybody else.

Don’t be afraid to enjoy a good laugh several times a day.

It’s the best medicine there is.




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