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The Best Way to Breathe More Life into Your Work!

As a business coach with a specialty in speaking, I often help my clients with the talks and presentations they do to get clients and build their businesses.  Recently, while editing a speech with a client, I came across this quote.  I love it.

“Is your life filled with work, or is your work filled with life?” 

(Sam Harris; Ideaspotting)

It got me thinking about those of us who own our own businesses and how, for most, there was an idea, a product, or a service we were really inspired to offer.

Now, here’s the question I want to pose for your serious consideration.

Do you still love what you do … are you still energized and inspired by what you’re offering?

All of it?

Be honest.  

  • Are there things you’re doing in your business you don’t want to do or simply don’t want to offer anymore?
  • Are there programs you’re offering that should be put out to pasture?
  • Are there clients you took on that, in hindsight, you wish you hadn’t, because they just aren’t the best match for you and your services?
  • Are you doing certain kinds of marketing you really dislike … only because you think you should?

We’ve just passed the halfway point in the year.  It’s a good time to take a strategic look at your business and honestly evaluate what’s working and what’s not …  and what you might want to let go of.

Here’s what I see for myself.

I see a group program I’m going to eliminate down the road.  I also see I sometimes take on clients because they really need my help.

I know when a potential client is an ideal match for me.  I also recognize when my strong desire to help is coming from a place of wanting to “rescue” someone vs. a place of inspiration.

Desperately wanting to help is a red flag for me … one I need to pay attention to earlier in the process.  Invariably, when I don’t heed the warning, I end up putting in more effort than the client!

So, what are your warning flags … and are you heeding them?

Now, just a quick aside about marketing.  It’s okay if you’re not inspired to pursue any particular marketing strategies that just don’t appeal to you … that don’t fit your personality or take you too far out of your comfort zone.

I don’t love networking and I have zero desire to do much in the way of social media!  But I do love speaking to groups and talking with folks one-on-one to form strategic alliances and establish referral partnerships.

Of course, this isn’t permission to not do any marketing at all in hopes that clients will just show up by word of mouth!  That just ain’t gonna happen.  

Look, the truth is there’s usually at least a little discomfort that comes along with putting yourself out there.  But overall, it should be energizing.  It should mostly feel fun and put life in your work.

Now, if you don’t like any forms of marketing, that’s gigantic red flag … and a whole ‘nother conversation.

So, take the time to honestly re-evaluate what you’re doing in your business and ditch what isn’t working.  That alone will bring life back into your work! 

Best Wishes,



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