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The Key to Happiness in Six Little Words

If someone were to ask me, as a life coach, to give them the secret to a happy existence in four words, they would be these.

Stay connected to Source.

Source … by whatever name you choose to call it – God, Spirit, Universe – is just what it sounds like … that from which a constant stream of well-being and all blessings flow.

Allow it to flow to you and through you and do your level best to never pinch off that flow.  It created you. Allow it to nurture you.

Think of maintaining your connection with source as the prime directive … as your spiritual … biological … and psycho-emotional imperative.

To drop some Latin on ya, it’s the sine qua non of a happy and fulfilled life.  Without which, it’s not gonna happen.

So how do you stay connected to Source?  How does the prime directive translate into everyday behavior?

One could write a book on the subject, and many have, but let’s sum it up in two words this time.

Love life.

Bear witness to the miracle that is you and the world around you.  Appreciate. Revel in the wonder. Say, Thank You! … Thank You! … Thank You!

Engage with life in a joyful and reverential way.  Create a lovely world for yourself. Dwell in possibility and radiate love.

Clear away the chattering of the “monkey mind” and feel the vibrations of both energy and peace flowing through you.

That energy … that peace … is Source flowing through you.

How do you do it?  It’s easy!

See the love in the eyes of your partner … or your dog.

Smile from your heart at the little girl with the bow in her hair, holding her stuffed animal tight.

Be bowled over by the perfection of a flower … or the unfathomable workings of your body and its 70 TRILLION cells working in impossibly concentrated harmony.

Suck up that sunset.

Love that piece of chocolate.

Cry at the perfect beauty of Bach.

Appreciate how impossibly cute, soft, and warm baby bunnies are.

Love it when “the story” has a happy ending, no matter what that story is.

Love life!

Make it the number one thing you do every day and your whole life through.

But I can almost see some of you throwing up your hands.  So, a distinction is in order here.

Don’t conflate loving life with loving your circumstances in life.

Does it help to not only make peace with aspects of your life you’re not so happy with, but to actually be grateful for what you have now … as you hope for something better?

Of course it does.  I actually call it, “peaceful anticipation.”

But, come on, there are things in every life that make us sad or miserable or leave us feeling hopeless.  And they can cloud our vision and pinch us off from source. They can keep us from loving life.

So, what’s the antidote?

Love life.  Leave the particulars of your life out of it if you have to … the pain, the grief, the disappointment, the frustration.

Is that even possible or realistic?

Yes!  Anyone can do it, because it’s completely within your power.

Research actually shows lottery winners to be only slightly happier than paraplegics!

The best way to improve your experience of life … and, indeed, your circumstances … is to focus your gaze on the miracle of life rather than that which saddens and disappoints.

And try to view the less-than-ideal in your life as more comic than tragic, even if it’s just to laugh to keep from crying.

Eliminate as many negative emotions as you can over time and replace them with love.  Let love reign supreme.

And what is your first and everlasting love?  Life itself!

Love yourself.  Love others.

And Love Life!




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