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The One Factor that Determines Your Destiny

When you do life coaching, sometimes you have to venture down deep … all the way to how someone “sees” the world, because how you see your world conditions your beliefs and your attitudes, which affect how you act in the world.

And when I say “act,” I’m not talking about just your consciously chosen actions.  I’m including your subconscious responses and beyond … all the way down to the behavior of the 70 trillion cells in your body.

Albert Einstein was a really smart guy … and not just when it came to physics.  Here’s what he had to say about how we see the world?

“The most important question a person can ask is …

‘Is the Universe a friendly place?’ ”

Hmmm.  Really?


Because if you think it’s friendly, you naturally feel pretty good about life and your place in it.  And if you don’t, you feel threatened to one degree or another. And the difference between feeling good and feeling threatened is at the very core of feeling happy and in control most of the time vs. feeling unhappy … maybe even distraught and hopeless at times.

But Einstein wasn’t the only one drilling down on this connection.  Many of you are familiar with the DiSC, the personality preference / behavioral assessment tool William Marston built on the intellectual framework of Carl Jung.

Marston was a smart guy too.  He invented an early version of the lie detector and created the character Wonder Woman!  You go Bill.

He said there are those who see the world as a favorable place and those who see it as unfavorable. And those who feel either more powerful than their environment or less powerful.

Now, this is important … you CAN change how you see the world and how powerful you see yourself as being.

But woe unto those who see the world as an unfavorable place they have little power over … and never work to change that perception!

It predisposes them to a less than fully happy life and it actually predisposes them to illness … and can keep them sick once they’ve manifested a dis-ease.

I’ll leave it to Dr. Bruce Lipton, one of the crowning geniuses of our generation, to explain.

Lipton’s a cell biologist.  He’s spent a lifetime studying how your beliefs affect your Biology, which he explains in very readable detail in his book, The Biology of Belief.

If you believe what you think affects your physical wellbeing, but can’t really begin to explain exactly HOW it happens, Bruce Lipton’s your man.  He shines a light on the mechanisms by which our bodies translate invisible vibrational messages, such as thoughts, into meaningful signals.

To keep this simple, those signals are, in essence, telling our cells via the cell membrane … the “brain” of the cell … whether the world we’re living in is friendly / favorable or unfriendly / unfavorable.  And the cells respond accordingly. One thing they do is activate … or choose not to activate … certain genetic programs.

Welcome to the revolution in biology and medicine that is “epigenetics.”

Why is this insight important?  Because when the cells get the message that the world you’re “seeing” is unfavorable, even hostile, the body goes into a defensive mode at the cellular level.  Think of it as similar to what happens when your fight or flight hormonal pathway is activated. You’re playing defense. And we want to grow and thrive.

But growth, repair, and positive adaptation only happen when the body is getting the all-clear signal from the ”environment.”  That includes your thoughts.

“Bad” genes get flipped on when the world appears grim and not switched on when it appears beautiful.  Certain “good” genes get switched on only when there are blue skies in your world.

That means you’re in control of how things turn out for you … not only physically, but in terms of your overall experience of life.  And it all starts with your thoughts … your beliefs!

YOU own the ability to keep yourself or make yourself healthy.   YOU own the ability to make yourself happy.

You just have to believe it … and act like it!




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