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The One True Answer to Your Every Problem or Concern

As a life coach, I’m always looking for those messages and distinctions that make our lives easier and more fulfilling.  That said, as a business coach, I absolutely detest when I see headlines that promise the world, promises like … Make 6-Figures In 6 Weeks With Our One-of-a-Kind Program!  So why would I make such a huge promise in the headline of this newsletter?  The one true answer.  Really?

Here’s why.  Because after months of experimenting, I’ve found it to be a sure-fire panacea for dealing with things you don’t like in your world, but either can’t change or you’re gonna have to do a lot of heavy lifting to change.

Doesn’t matter what the problem or concern is …

This pandemic isn’t going away.

My business … my body … my investment … isn’t performing like I’d like it to.

The renters in our condo didn’t respect our beautiful home and we’re having to deal with all the damage they caused.

It doesn’t matter what the problem or concern, the answer is simple … yet profound.

Make peace with what is.

I’ve tested this over many, many months in a variety of situations before sharing it with you, and I’ve found that when I make peace with the situation at hand, everything changes!

Think about it.

Struggling against anything never brings you the answers you seek.  It just brings more struggle and frustration.  But when you can find a way to make peace with what is, your whole experience of life shifts.

Now, some of you may be asking, “But how the heck do I do that?”

There’s no one pat answer, and clearly, some things are a lot harder to make peace with than others, but there are several things that can work.

You can reframe the situation and look at it from a different angle … maybe even find a silver lining.

You can choose to give up the negative emotion and find some things to be grateful for.

You can meditate, pray, go out in nature, look at a baby, pet your cat, do EFT … or even go to sleep and intend it’ll all look better tomorrow!

My intent is not really to show you how to do this.  It’s to give you this miracle phrase … make peace with what is … a phrase you can carry with you as a mantra, something you repeat to yourself whenever you’re disappointed, angry, frustrated, fearful, or the situation looks bleak.  Repeat it over and over until you find a way to find relief.

I promise you everything gets better when you’re able to come to a place of acceptance and make peace with the things that are bothering you, irritating you, and knocking you for a loop.  It’s a quiet, serene place.

Try it and see.





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