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The Time of Your Life

Have you experienced it yet?  The time of your life?

Of course you have.  Take a moment and think about that singular time in your life that you enjoyed more than any other, a time you can look back on and say, “Wow, now those were good times.  That was a wonderful experience.”

But there’s a double entrendre in the title … another meaning there.

How much of it have you used up?  The time of your life … as in how much time do you still have available to you in your life?  Not that anyone knows.  We can only guess, but we have only so much.

And how well have you used your time so far?

Wouldn’t it be pretty fair to say that the more wonderful experiences you’ve had in your life, the better you’ve used your time on the planet?  I think so.  If you have to think a long time and have to sort through lots of precious memories, that’s a really good sign.

Hey, I believe life is meant to be enjoyed.  How about you?  Okay, so then, it would stand to reason that the primary focus of our attention … or at least a very important one … has to be on what we’re doing to create joy in our lives.

What openings are we actively, consciously creating that could result in our having the time of our lives that exceeds the ones we’ve already had?

What got me thinking about all this was the fact that I’ve had to be working almost every weekend.  It’s not a bad thing exactly, as it’s the result of the business doing so well, but I miss my free time.  I love my work, but come on.  I also love strolling in the gardens, looking at the flowers, playing with my granddaughter, watching babies on the beach, reading novels seaside in my beach chair.

Ahhhh.  Just thinking about these things makes me happy.

I’m sure you’ve seen the bumper sticker, “Don’t Postpone Joy.”  Well, that’s what I’m talking about.  In fact, I sat up in bed the other night and declared, “I’m 62 years old and I’m not going to spend every weekend working.  I’m going to enjoy myself.” 

Yeah sister, you tell ‘em.  But who was I talking to?  Me mostly.

And that just highlights the daily balancing act we face between doing the things we have to do and should do and the things that we want to do … and would be doing if we didn’t have other obligations and demands.

Look, not every day is gonna feature a special set of circumstances, like getting married or being at the beach or getting to play with my granddaughter.  I know that.

That said, can you make every day a joy?  Sure, if you’re really good at living you can … but the fact is some days you have to do taxes and scrub the floor, and those things aren’t all that fun or exciting.

But here’s the point.

Too many of us aren’t actively looking to create those special moments.  Too many of us aren’t doing the planning necessary to make them happen.  Too many of us aren’t actually scheduling time for them, as in literally scheduling them in our calendars.

And how do we expect to have more than our share of peak moments and fabulous life experiences if we don’t create every chance for them to occur?

Case in point:  I’m full blooded Italian.  My maiden name is Bolognone.  My mother’s maiden name is Napolitano.

Have I been to Italy?  No.  There was always a good reason … time … cost … whatever.  But am I goin’?  Oh yeah.

Have I done anything to make time or plan or actually schedule a trip?  Up till recently, I would have had to say no, but not anymore.

YES!  I’ve done it.  I’ve scheduled 16 days, and we’re leaving soon.

So, how about you?  Where are you with the postponing joy thing?  We all do it to one extent or another, and you can stop anytime.

Ask yourself, what would my life be like if I didn’t postpone joy?  Wouldn’t it be even more fabulous than it is already?

Hmmm, so maybe I was wrong.  Maybe you haven’t experienced the time of your life … yet.  Maybe the best is yet to come.

And maybe all you have to do for it to come … is to create it.



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