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This Is the Fabric of Everything in Your World

“The fabric of everything is not love.  It’s beauty. 

And the experience of seeing beauty is love.”

This rather profound quote comes to us from an interview with Dr. Zach Bush, who many of you know as a triple board-certified physician and modern day wise man.

I was really struck by that line … that thought.  But what does it mean for us in practical terms?  How can an appreciation of this relationship between what is beautiful in our world … and love … make a difference in our daily lives?

Well, ask yourself this question.  When I experience beauty, does my heart open up?  Of course, it does.

Even if I’m crabby and having a “bad day,” when I see something beautiful, does my heart not soften and let at least a little of the wonder in?  Sure it does.  It’s virtually automatic.

So, what would happen if we more actively sought out and appreciated the beauty that is literally everywhere in our world?

Would it not put us in a more receptive emotional state and make us more capable of loving?

And I’m not talking about just loving that which we see as beautiful.  That part is almost automatic as well.

Look at a baby’s eyes and the love starts flowing.  They’re so beautiful.

Listen to the final movement of Beethoven’s 9th … The “Ode To Joy” and feel the uplift.  Feel the opening of your heart.  All negativity melts away into a sea of possibility and … well … joy.

But don’t just wait for beauty to find you.  You’ll miss out if you do.

The sun sets just once a day and flowers reach their peak of bloom and die.  Ephemeral encounters with beauty are great.  But that’s just what slaps you in the face. There’s so much more.

Actively look for beauty in the more mundane aspects of life.

It’s literally everywhere.  Just look around with new eyes.

Look at a spoon … the shape … the smoothness … the gleam of the metal.  Appreciate what it took to bring this magnificent, yet humble, item into your life.  Thank all the people who made that possible.

Go less tangible.  A warm bath … a warm shower.  Are they not
“beautiful?”  That may be a strange way of expressing our appreciation, but a warm shower is truly wonderful … and where there’s wonder, there’s beauty.

Do we take these everyday things for granted almost all of the time?


But here’s what I want to leave you with.

When you don’t take them for granted … when you spend time pondering their wonder, their magnificence, their beauty … and feel gratitude for them … you open a door to becoming more loving.

Toward the world.  Toward other people.

So … actively look for beauty.  There’s a gift there.

Beauty will fill you with love.




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