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This is What Happy People Do!

As a life coach, I often ask people what’s most important to them in their lives, and they tell me it’s other people they’re close to in some way … family, friends, life partners, folks who’ve been good to them.

And if you ask these same people if they regularly acknowledge these important people in their lives with an “I love you” or a “Thank you,” most would say, “Not often enough.”

Maybe it’s the same for you. It mostly is for me, although I’m getting much better at it.

But there are some people who make it a way of life to acknowledge, thank, and praise those they love and appreciate. And that acknowledgement, love, and praise comes right back to them, making them happy in return!

It’s just such a nice practice. Even if it’s just a couple of people a week whom you consciously single out for a special message, it can make such a difference.

I think of the woman who helped me get through the difficult days following the death of my husband. I’ve never forgotten what she did for me, and I’ve acknowledged her for that several times, and continue to do so, even after all these years … especially after all these years.

What really brought this home to me this week was a bittersweet moment. Our administrative assistant, who’s been with us the last 2.5 years, left us on Friday. He’s a gifted yoga teacher and has just graduated from massage school, so he’s off to make a life for himself that involves helping others while doing what he loves. We celebrate that.

But it’s a sad time for us, because Jordan, who many of you got to know on the phone or at our Boot Camp sessions, became more than just an assistant. He was family. His actual family are good people. And yet, as he said to me one day around the holidays … “Your biological family isn’t always your vibrational family. You and Tom are my vibrational family!”

He was so right, which makes it extra hard to see him go.

I mention Jordan’s leaving, because he’s one of those people who sends … or leaves … notes of acknowledgement and encouragement.

When I would go to speak, the materials he packed would have a little post-it note with uplifting words on it. When he’d leave for the weekend, I’d often find a post-it saying thank you for something or offering support if I were facing a challenge of some sort.

Those gestures were priceless.

Here’s the note he left after we’d said our goodbyes and I left for an appointment on Friday.

May the sun shine on you forever. May you be blessed in all ways always. May you know how special you are, how magnificent you are, and how powerful you BE!

And when you forget for a moment, may you breathe deep and remember there are legions of angels behind you … galaxies of stars shining down on you … for you.

Thank you for this incredible opportunity to serve. To support you both means so much to me. No words … just love. Big, huge love.

I believe in the good things coming. Peace. Love. Joy. Source.

Phew! The emotions run deep.

Some people are with you for a lifetime. With others, you share a moment in the sun and they move on. Some move away. Some die. Some follow a dream that doesn’t include you so much anymore.

But that deep, heartfelt connection lives on.

That vibrational bond remains.

Best of luck J Man. We’ll always be here for you, cuz we’re family.

Best advice I can give you as a life coach? Tell someone you love and appreciate them today. Don’t wait.


You Helped Us Find A Special Person

When one door closes, another one opens.

Once we knew Jordan was leaving, we put out a request to our newsletter family to let us know if you knew anyone who had the requisite skills and would enjoy working with us as our assistant … and you came through!

We’re blessed to have found another gem in Andrew Davis, who we hope you’ll get to know and love in the months and years to come.

He’s smart, upbeat, and eager to do whatever needs to be done. He’s reliable as can be, and we already know we can count on him to get the job done, even when the going gets a little crazy around here.

Thanks for helping us find him … and him find us.

We know how fortunate we are … and we thank you!


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