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This Is What’s Making You Tired!

It was bothering me … taking up mental and emotional space … and I wasn’t doing what I needed to do to resolve the issue, so it continued to bother me.

What was it? An issue with my accountant. I’ll tell you more in a moment.

But does it matter what the issue was?


Because life is full of stuff you have to deal with.  If it isn’t one thing, it’s another.

The issues themselves don’t matter.  

The only thing that matters … and it matters a lot … is this:

Do you deal with them … or don’t you?

More to the point …

Do you deal with them right away … or do you letting them gnaw away at you for a while before you get around to addressing them? 

In coaching, we call unresolved issues that continue to bother us tolerations.

We’ve all got ‘em. Tasks you’ve been putting off, like cleaning up the clutter in your home or office. Conversations you’ve been avoiding, like talking to the neighbors about a problem you’re having with them. Problems you don’t quite know how to solve, like a nagging health issue or a plumbing problem, so you just live with them, trying your best to work around them.

The list of possible tolerations is endless.

And the more tolerations you have, the more bogged down you get.

They drain away your available energy and impact the quality of your life. And most of us have over 100 different things we’re putting up with!

Resolve those unresolved issues and you not only free up your mental and emotional reserves, you just breathe easier. Life seems simpler, less burdensome.

My particular issue?

Every year for the last five or more years, as the third quarter comes to a close, I forward a copy of my QuickBook records to my accountant for end-of-the-year tax planning, so we can make any adjustments needed.

You probably don’t hear this very often, but I love my accountant and have a great relationship with him.

But what’s with this $500 bill I get from him for “tax planning?” That’s never been an additional expense before.

I don’t typically let any moss grow when something needs to be done. So, I email him. No response. I email his associate, who’s much more responsive by email, and ask her to call the matter to his attention. No response. I email a third time. I call. I write a note on the invoice to please call me. No response. Odd.

It’s not as if I didn’t try, but time goes by and the issue is still unresolved, and every time I think of him or anything related to taxes, I feel anxious and uncomfortable.

And, here I am on the faculty of Coach U teaching a course this fall that includes identifying and dealing with tolerations.

It’s my job as a mentor coach and role model to walk the talk!

So, I call again … and this time I break through and have that conversation with the accountant. Turns out he’s been on an extended vacation.

And over the eight weeks of the class, I’ve managed to clean out areas of my home and office that have been bothering me. Ahhhh, what a relief.

Now, whenever I look at the nice tidy areas that used to be cluttered, I feel happy and energized instead of drained. And, I feel good knowing I did everything I needed to do to re-establish that good-feeling relationship with my accountant.

So, what are you putting up with in your life? What’s been left incomplete or unresolved? What can you get done? What can you get resolved that would take a load off your mind and make you feel really good?

Get your list on paper. Then take on a few pivotal things and get them resolved … finished … complete.

It could change the quality of your life big time!

You can do it!

The key is to get started today!

I’m pulling for ya. Let me know how it goes.



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