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This Is Why You Aren’t Converting Your Prospects!

Last month, we talked about the biggest mistakes business owners make with their pricing and packages.  This month, I want to share with you another mistake I see all the time as a business coach.

It’s a big mistake.  It’s easy to make. And, ironically, it typically comes from wanting so badly to be of service.

Now, let me be crystal clear, so no one gets the wrong idea here.  It’s imperative you always come from a place of service. Your work has to be all about serving the client … from the time you meet them … through the time you’re actively working with them … till the time they complete with you … and beyond.

But you’ll cost yourself a lot of money and actually end up not fully serving the client if you make this common mistake.

Many service providers offer a complimentary session or consultation of some sort.  It gives the prospective client a chance to get to know you and see what you can do to impact their situation.  They learn to trust you and may decide they want more of your services!  Think of it as a test drive.

It’s truly a great way to give folks a no-risk way to experience the work you do.

So, why is it, when I’m out speaking to groups, people tell me the same thing … their complimentary consultations aren’t converting into paid clients and customers?

When I diagnose what’s going on, it always boils down to the same thing … the same mistake.

The focus of the complimentary session is too narrow.  It’s aimed at solving a particular problem or finding a way forward in an area of specific concern.

For example: What’s the next step in my career … or … How should I handle this issue I’m having with my health or this relationship?

Help the prospective client come to a good solid answer and they’ll be thrilled.  You’ve solved their problem. They’ll think you’re wonderful … and they’ll go happily on their way … without buying more of you!

That hurts your bottom line.  But that’s not my primary concern.

Where have you left that person?

You’ve left them thinking they have what they need.  And they don’t!

Pretty soon, they’ll run into another issue they don’t know how to deal with … and another … and another.

You’ve helped them clarify one thing or solve an isolated problem, but you’ve failed to give them a way to address their big picture wants and needs in a systematic, strategic, and global way.

And THAT’S what they need.  Not spot solutions.

If you don’t look at the client’s overall situation from a 30,000-foot view before you grapple with individual concerns, you’re really not serving them or yourself.

It actually becomes a lose–lose interaction, even though, at first blush, it looks like a win for the prospect.

The key?  Focus on identifying their top goals and objectives and clarifying what’s really important to them

Sure, in the process, you may help them see ways they can move past some of the particular obstacles, but that’s not where you concentrate your attention.

Can you see the difference here between being stingy and holding back, not wanting to give away too much, and taking a holistic, big picture approach to being of service?  

Never hold back.

Focus on the vision of where the person wants to be in the next year or five years, how they might get there, and what’s holding them back.  And if, after your conversation, you think you can help them, tell them how … and then ask them if they’d like to work with you.

That’s how you convert prospects into clients via the complimentary session.

Based on hard data from my 16 years as a business coach, if you do your complimentary consultations in the way we teach them, you’ll convert somewhere between 35 and 50% of your prospects into paying clients!

You’ll have more clients and make more money.  And the people who need your help will be better served.


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