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Why You Should Let This One Go!

As a business coach and life coach, my job is to listen to people.  I listen to what they’re saying … and what they’re not saying.

I recently had a conversation I want to bring to your attention, because there’s a message we can glean from it that’s important to your business … especially if you’re looking to bring in new clients and business.

As many of you know, I’m a strong believer in doing a complimentary consultation with folks who are interested in my services.  This is a pretty important step for any of us in service-based businesses.

The client is buying us … not a product … and we have to be sure we’re a good match. That’s critical for long term success.

So, whenever I speak, I offer audience members the opportunity to schedule a complimentary coaching session and business consultation with me.

My offer is straightforward and to the point.  It’s less than two minutes long.  I don’t believe in hype and manipulation.

And I teach others how to make offers from a place of service.  It’s the centerpiece of my marketing strategy.  It not only “works” beautifully to bring in new clients, it feels good.  After all, it’s why most people got into “service” professions in the first place … to help people.

When you make an offer to folks, you want to be very clear that this isn’t just a chat. It’s a specific kind of conversation designed to take a strategic look at a person’s business, their life … maybe even their health.  It depends on your area of expertise and their need.

And, you want to be sure to let your audience members know you’ll be looking at whether or not you’re a good match and can work well together.

Recently, I had one such conversation scheduled.

I let the potential client know at the onset of our call together what we’d be doing in our time together and that we’d be talking about continued work together if A) we resonated well together and B) I saw there were areas where I could provide value.

This prospect was an ideal client for me in a lot of respects.

She was a solopreneur in a service-based business.  Check.

She was struggling with marketing herself and really wanted to concentrate in the area of speaking.  Check and check.

We resonated with each other.

Seemed like a match made in heaven … somebody who needs exactly what I offer as a business coach and speaker coach.

Towards the end of our call together, I explained how I thought I could help.

I outlined how she could use the very same system I’ve perfected over the years to achieve the goals she’d set for new client acquisition.

And, then I asked the all-important question

It’s one you should never shy away from.

“Would you like to work with me on this?”

And then, I listened!

I don’t remember what she said exactly, but I do remember the feeling I got.  She reminded me of a skittish cat!

It wasn’t anything she said that created this impression.  It was more in her “being.”

It was so very clear.  Everything inside me screamed, “Let her go!”

In situations like this, you don’t want to prolong the conversation in any way.  ANYTHING you say at this point will sound salesy … even if it isn’t … and will be met with resistance.

Of course, there are people who have real objections they’re open to talking through.  They want you to help them come to the best decision, and they’re open to engaging in a meaningful discussion … as long as you remain open, neutral, and curious.

Curious … not cleverly persuasive … and certainly not coming from a place of trying to “overcome” their objections.

But the skittish cats?  It’s best to thank them for their time and let them go.

How do you distinguish between the two?


Listen intently … with your whole body.

They’ll tell you.

Best wishes,




P.S.  If you’re not familiar with Bocelli … or you just want to treat yourself to some great music … here he is singing one of my favorite songs, the theme from one of my favorite movies … Cinema Paradiso.


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