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Two Essential Secrets of a Master of Business

I have two profound messages for you in this newsletter.  Let’s go with the second most important message first.  It’s a simple message.  I tell it to business owners all the time.  Invest in your own personal development.  And, as a life and business coach, I need to walk the talk.  That means I have to invest in my own personal development.

So, when I got the offer to attend a Tony Robbins online seminar, I enrolled.  The investment required?  Roughly 12 hours of my time.  The event itself was free.

Was it worth it?  Oh yeah, very much so.  It delivered way more than I expected.

There was a wealth of useful guidance, of course, but a great deal of the value came from watching a master at work …  witnessing an extraordinary human being giving everything he had.

Tony Robbins exemplifies two things that are critical to the success of a business, especially a service-based business.

He’s genuine … authentic … vulnerable.  And he comes from service.

I was struck and moved by how earnestly he wants to help people … from the woman who just lost her young child to the people he feeds all over the world via his foundation.

By now, we’re talking a total of 800 million meals to those in need across 100 countries at the rate of some four million a year.  Pretty impressive.

The man has quite a personal history.  When he was 17 and making $40 a week working as a janitor at night while going to school during the day, he scraped together $35 to attend a Jim Rohn seminar where Rohn told him, “The secret to life is to find a way to do more for others than anyone else is doing.”

In Tony’s words, from that point on, “I would never stop growing, never stop giving, never stop trying to expand my influence or my capacity to give and do good.”

Right there you have two powerful secrets to being successful in business … and life.

Number 1 …Focus on giving.  Focus on serving.  That’s another message I’ve told business owners over and over.

Number 2 … Never stop learning and growing … expanding and refining your skills … so you can serve people to the very best of your ability.

And here’s the kicker.  When you serve others from your heart, you end up serving yourself.

It’s funny just how regularly … almost predictably … what goes around comes around.  When you give, you get.  How?  In a couple of ways … spiritually / emotionally and in terms of how well your business does.

I’m sure most of you know exactly what I’m talking about, but I have something that happened to me years ago that captures the essence of how coming from service and an abundance mindset sets good things in motion.

And that good often comes back to you in some utterly non-premeditated way.

I was speaking in person to the Metro DC chapter of the International Coach Federation.

At the end of my talks, I make a two-minute offer for people to schedule a complimentary coaching session with me.

A woman comes up to me afterwards and says she loves my offer.  She tells me, in fact, she’s written it down word for word and is going to use it in a presentation she’s giving in the coming week.  Oh, and she’s gonna do a complimentary session with me.

Now, I’m no saint.  I couldn’t help but be taken aback a little.  After all, those are my words.  That’s my offer.

But I just said, “Okay.”

She found the offer helpful, and I want to help.  Come from service.  Be generous.

But there’s more to the story …

We do the complimentary session, and she tells me the offer worked great.  She got 20 people to sign up for her own complimentary session!

But now, she needs help.  She has no idea what to do next!  She’s got people coming to dinner, so to speak, and doesn’t know how to cook the meal!

She exclaims, “I need to hire you!” 

And she did.

Yup, what goes around comes around and everyone wins.

Concentrate on serving people the best you can, and the rest just takes care of itself.

Best Wishes,



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