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Two Words that Warm Your Clients’ Hearts

“Thank you.”  It’s not that hard to say.  But it seems as if folks have forgotten some basic common courtesies.  I’ve noticed in my personal life and my business coaching that people just don’t routinely say thank you anymore the way they used to.  And only a few go out of their way to express genuine gratitude for those who serve them and do nice things for them.

Why is that?  After all, it’s pretty easy to type a two-word email or text message.  And yet, while plenty of people still say please and thank you like they learned in kindergarten, too many folks just don’t.

And even fewer write a personal note … you know, an actual handwritten note … to say, thank you … I’m thinking about you and appreciating who you are in my life. 

I blame the advent of electronics for that.  Pen and paper, envelopes, stamps … that’s all way too involved.

Now, this relates to business owners in a very specific way. 

Do you write thank you notes and holiday cards to your clients, customers, and strategic partners?

Do you send a nice little gift to them … and your support team … for being so important you and the success of your business?

It takes so little and it means so much, especially in an age when so few people do it anymore.  It makes you stand out.

And isn’t that what you want?  To stand out from the crowd?  To differentiate yourself from all the other people out there who provide the same service?

And giving always makes us feel good.

I like to send my cards and gifts of appreciation at Thanksgiving.  It’s the perfect time, because your note and/or gift doesn’t get lost in the December holiday shuffle.  New Years is a good time too.

And right now’s the perfect time for me to say thank you to you, my readers.  I’m so grateful to you for letting me share my thoughts with you each month.  I love doing it and I’m always so happy to get your nice comments.

Have the very best Thanksgiving … and we’ll see you on the other side.  And be sure to tell the people who make your business successful how much you appreciate them.

Best wishes,



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