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Want An Easy Way to be More Productive?

As a life and business coach, I often find myself starting early in the morning … after my gratitude time … working with clients, teaching classes, presenting on webinars, etc.   It’s not unusual for me to go for several hours in a row with no real down time.

I typically take a midday break and then return to work with folks in the afternoon, sometimes going into the evening or coming back to work on administrative stuff at night.

I need to be 100% there for folks in every interaction.  I put a lot into the work, drawing on all my resources.  It takes energy.

If I don’t take some time for me to rest and recharge in the middle of the day, how could I honestly expect to be there fully for those folks later in the day?

I couldn’t.

So … I’ve learned to take 20 minutes for myself during my midday break to reset, refresh, and renew with a guided meditation.

I’m always amazed that it leaves me feeling as rested and energetic as if I’d had a two-hour nap.  Honestly, there are times when I get to midday and I’m gassed.  I spend 20 minutes recharging and I’m perky and ready to go again.  It’s magical.

There’s nothing like a little deep, rhythmic breathing and positive imagining to recharge your battery and melt away the stress.

I find there are two times when I need this break the most … when I’m just really busy and tired and when I’m feeling scattered or overwhelmed by whatever’s on my mind and on my plate.

Can you relate?  I’ll bet you can!   Everybody has stuff they’re dealing with, and being super busy and overwhelmed seems to be the norm these days.

So, here’s the key question.

Are you taking some time out in the middle of your day to hit that reset button?

I understand completely if you say no.  You have only so much time in a day and the list of to-do’s is loooong and ever growing.  How can you possibly afford to stop or even slow down?

I get it.

And yet, here’s the thing.  I guarantee you the time you spend floating away for a few minutes will give you two very worthwhile things … renewed energy and an enhanced ability to perform at your best.  

So, I take time out, but, on balance, do I really lose any time?

Not really.  If anything, I gain time in terms of what I’m able to get done and the quality of the work I do.  It’s like exercise in that respect.  It takes time, but it makes you sharper and more productive … and you enjoy what you’re doing more … so the investment of time is worth it.

And how do you make the time?  By putting it on your calendar!  

Give yourself permission to go under … to let go and reconnect.

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how big a difference it can make.




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