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Watch the Best TED Talk Ever

Best TED Talk … says who?

Well, I do. Oh, and the thing’s gotten over 15,300,000 views.

But there are a lot of great TED Talks out there. We use a couple in our trainings. What makes this one so special is it just happens to offer up the secret to being happy … even when … especially when … circumstances don’t align with your desires and you’ve lost the freedom to choose.

And isn’t that the ultimate secret? After all, what else really matters all that much as long as you’re happy?

Can someone who’s become a quadriplegic a year ago be just as happy as someone who won the lottery a year ago? How could you be incarcerated for decades for a crime you didn’t commit and still feel as if you’ve been blessed? You’ll be surprised.

Watch and find out.


Maybe you already get that happiness is about what’s going on between your ears … and in your heart. Hamlet … “Nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so.”

This will flesh out your understanding in a really profound way.

Disagree with the bard? Think circumstances matter plenty?

You’ll want to watch this.

It’s about 21 minutes long … and I promise you, it’ll be some of the best 21 minutes you’ve ever spent. The conclusions are stunning. Plus, you’ll love the presenter, Dan Gilbert. The man is clearly a genius.

Synthetic happiness … learn to use the power of your big human brain to be happy … no matter what. 

Until next month, enjoy every minute you’re alive.

After all, there’s no reason not to.



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