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Where Do You Need To Pivot?

It’s a trying time to be in business for yourself.  This business coach understands that firsthand!

But what you do now … and what you don’t do … will make all the difference in the long term sustainability of your business.

So, what’s the biggest skill you need right now?

The ability to pivot!  I’m defining pivot as your ability to change your opinions, decisions, and actions, so they’re more supportive of successful outcomes.

It sure seems like we’ve all been pivoting like crazy for months now!

But, have you looked at your business long and hard from different angles to see where you could pivot strategically?  I’m talking about more than just the obvious switch to working from home or using online platforms vs. being there in the flesh.

It’s all about your ability to adapt.

In June, I wrote an article about the Jones Sisters and their remarkable transformation on Queer Eye.  Here’s the rest of the story.  When the pandemic hit, they pivoted, setting up a vending machine on the premises, so folks could self-serve!

So, let’s look at where you could pivot in your business.

Business Operations … I’ve streamlined business operations.  I’ve moved from having an admin in my office two days a week … to using a virtual assistant as needed.  I’ve cut expenses, and I’m still getting the administrative and technical support I need.

Am I doing some things nowadays that an admin could be doing?  Yup.  And, I’m finding that I don’t mind at all.  I’ve pivoted to a new role with a new attitude about it.

Personal Development … I’m savoring my morning time … the moments I felt I never had enough time for before.  I’m reading things that inspire me, writing my gratitude list, and meditating.  I’ve also been giving myself the gift of a short break in the afternoon to re-energize … and I’m happier than ever because I’m taking time to center myself, enjoy a state of peaceful contemplation, and affirm what’s right in the world.

And I’ve completed all the CCEU’s I need for my re-certification at the end of 2021!   How about you?  Is there anything on your to do list that would be satisfying to knock out?

Marketing … first and foremost, you have to keep marketing.  My most successful clients have been able to pivot to the online webinar world.  They’ve invested in training if they needed it.  One of my international clients … a trainer … is busier than ever, because she’s an expert at delivering training virtually.  And, she’s happier, because she’s not traveling as much!

So, what have I continued doing and what have I changed in my own marketing efforts, other than moving my speaking … my main marketing tool … to online events instead of live ones?

  • I pick up the phone to check on people or I shoot someone an email when I think of them … just to see how they are.  I continue to send birthday cards to past clients and referral partners.  And, I nurture my strategic alliances.  So, do these small efforts to stay in touch make a difference?  You bet they do!  Last month, a past client returned to business coaching … and told me it was largely because I cared enough to keep in touch.
  • Teaching at Coach U has always been a source of joy … and new clients … for me.  I have a bit more time, so I’m teaching more, getting paid for my business expertise and generating new clients from that alliance.
  • I continue to write newsletters every other week with the intention of giving folks inspiration and valuable information.

Bottom line?  I stick with the marketing strategies that have always worked for me … and adapt as needed.  The results may be a bit slower right now, but that’s okay.

The key?  I haven’t thrown in the towel, thinking, “What’s the use anyway?”  I pivot my thoughts whenever they turn toward the negative, because that doesn’t serve me or my business.

And, that’s probably the biggest success secret I can give you.  If you make ONE change from reading this, I want you to pivot your thoughts away from the uncertainty and anxiety you may be feeling toward a positive, energizing vision of the future.

That’s important, because your thoughts have everything to do with what’s possible for you.

Henry Ford summed it up perfectly.

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t … you’re right.” 

Best Wishes,




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