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You Can Sell More the Easy, Genuine and Painless Way

I had an experience recently that made me appreciate something more deeply than ever before.  And, as a business coach who helps people bring in new business, I wanted to share the story with you.  I think it teaches an important lesson.

But first …

True or false:

Being successful at selling your services is all about becoming skillful at persuasion.  You have to promote the benefits of working with you to prospective clients and get them to want what you’re offering.

What do you think?

I say false … well, maybe not exactly altogether false, but not true either.

You can be quite successful at “selling” without doing any real persuading at all.


By being a perfect match between what someone already knows they want and need and what you offer.

When you do that, new business will fall into your lap.  No finely honed persuasion skills needed.

Think air conditioning and people living in Louisiana.  Perfect match.

What got me thinking about this and how fundamental it is to the success of a business is my own experience in trying to find day care for my puppy, Willy.

I found a place that seemed good.  The facility was clean.  The people were professional, very helpful, and nice.  I left him for about three hours.  But it just didn’t seem right.  He was in an area with a couple of dozen dogs, some of which were much bigger than he is.

They define a small dog as under 35 pounds.  Not small enough for his puppy mommy to feel comfortable.  He’s only 7 pounds.  He did well enough, but you could tell he was cowed by the presence of the bigger animals and kinda lost and skittish.

I was a mess when I left him.  I was affected emotionally way more than I should have been.  Sure, there was the “first day in kindergarten syndrome” going on, but it was more than that.

What they were offering wasn’t a good match for his … and my … needs.

The rest of the story …

I found a place that had accommodations for “extra small dogs” … under 10 pounds.

Went there and saw a handful of little guys having fun together in a nice room with two attentive attendants.

A perfect match.  He had fun playing with doggies his own size.  And Mom was happy … and relieved.

The key to this is how you think about generating new clients and customers.  You’re just talking to people honestly and sincerely, looking for your matches. When you’re able to connect with them without expectation … without pressure … just seeing who’s the right match for what you offer, the rest just falls into place.

Of course, they’re gonna do business with you.

No persuasion needed.

Best Wishes,



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