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You Need to Hit The Reset Button

I have to come clean.

In this month’s Business Insights newsletter we sent out a couple of weeks ago, I highlight three changes I’d made in my life that’d made a big difference in feeling less overwhelmed, more on top of things, and generally freer.

I’d decided to simply my life by taking on less.

I created some new boundaries to protect me from the overachiever, Type A, driven me.

And I gave myself more self-care time.

I was pretty proud of myself for making them. And everything was going great.

Well guess what?

While I’m still doing fine on the cutting back, I’m not doing so well anymore on the added self-care and the boundaries, which included things such as not working past 9 pm.

I haven’t been to my yoga, Pilates, or stretch classes more than a couple times recently. I’ve been working late too many nights again, and I haven’t been getting that hour for myself in the morning before things get going.

In short, I’m a backslider.

But here’s the thing. That doesn’t differentiate me from the rest of the population.

We all have a proclivity to backslide.

We all resolve to do things we know are good for us and then we start making exceptions … just for today … because we’re too busy, there’s not enough time, we’re tired, or whatever.

So, what do you do about it?

Well, there’s only one thing to do.

Hit the reset button.

As a client of mine once said, “I have to keep starting over until I don’t have to start over anymore.”

That phrase has always stuck with me.

It’s such a simple, non-judgmental acknowledgment that none of is perfect and it takes a while to cement new habits into your daily routine. So, you just have to start over and keep going until you manage to integrate all this new stuff into your behavior patterns … until doing it becomes second nature for you.

Bottom line: The only way you lose at this game is if you stop playing … if you stop starting over.

I’m starting over on two of my three things.

Where do you need to start over?



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